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How to Pursue a Career in Interior Design


With thanks in no small part to entire television networks dedicated to home improvements, the curiosity surrounding the interior design industry has grown significantly in recent years. Watching people overhaul entire home interiors within a thirty-minute television program and for seemingly little to no cash, has many people entranced with the possibility of being able to DIY the space of their dreams. While this is not an unattainable goal, the need for professional help is still very present. The interior design industry is unique in that there is such a large space for which professionals in every niche of the industry to coexist. After you carve out your educational goals that will earn you the credibility and requirements needed to join this profession you can create a personal brand surrounding your specific skills, ideas, and areas of expertise that will set you apart from your competitors.

Get Your Degree

While a degree is not always required in the interior design arena, having one will open doors for you that can help you fast track your career. The cost to finance higher education can be steep but the advantages to having a college education justify the high price tag. You can take out a student loan from a private lender to pay for college and even preview your repayment terms and totals beforehand so you can get a glimpse into the bigger picture. While a formal education is not an absolute must, starting your pursuit of this profession with college will expose you to the industry and enable you to build your resume before you even graduate. The opportunities to learn from your professors, fail with little consequences, and make connections with current leaders of interior design are just a few of the advantages that accompany a formal education.

Create a Presence

To be successful in this industry you need to create a presence that will get you noticed. Sharing examples of your work, your personal brand, and testimonials from those who have worked with you are all examples of elements that should be included in your online campaign. Once you have created your online presence, invest your energy in finding ways to drive traffic to your website, blog, or social media accounts. Designers are famous for creating style personalities and aesthetics that they are known for. This a great way to normalize your work and have it become identifiable within any space. Social media is a great tool for those starting out because it is a cheap, if not completely free, form of advertising with a huge outreach.

Cultivate Your People Skills

Regardless of how much talent you have if you do not have the people skills to be a successful professional partner you might stunt your career before it even starts. Interior design is not about realizing the designers dream, but the clients. Clashes in opinions are common in this industry and a highly developed communication style can be the difference in getting paid or getting fired. Learning how to maintain your integrity while being mindful and considerate of your clients wishes can result in beautiful design work that both reflects good design talent as well as good business practices.



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