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Beaches to buy property in Madrid and Valencia; Spain


You are welcome to Spain, the country of flamenco music, siesta, art and culture, and most importantly, of mind-blowing delicacies. Spain is famous for many reasons, but this article will focus on only one of those – quality real estate options, especially by the sea and by beaches.

Read on to learn of the fascinating locations to buy property by the sea in Spain. Get value for your money, and enjoyment for your purchase when you buy from any of the locations discussed below.


Ten highlights of the Spain country for premium seaside apartments 

There are limitless property options in Spain, ranging from the magnificent towers of Madrid to the more football-friendly and people hubs of Barcelona, Grenada, Valencia and Seville. Besides having some of the world’s best football clubs, these cities hold much beauty for foreign real estate businesses. Preview available properties in all of the major cities of Spain, as you read more on the official website Spain-Real.Estate.


Beaches in Madrid


Foremost, you can consider the lush and famous capital of Madrid, where the sun shines brighter on the amazing sheds of architectural wonders and soothes the heart of men. Owning a property on any of the beaches in Madrid is a sure investment, as you will have aesthetic capital and enjoy many of the benefits of aesthetic living. Here are some of the best beaches with properties you should consider in your excitement.

  1. Santander Bay Beach

 the most interesting centre of Cantabria’s most exciting and alive beaches of the area, you will find a lot of activities, eateries and seaside life fun at the Santander Bay Beach. Additionally, the community areMany people are living in real estate options. There is unique living in this community, and you can find amazing mind blowing villas for sale in the area. It is voted as one of the best places to purchase a seaside property in Cantabria and one of the liveliest beaches in Madrid. If you are excellent up for an outright purchase, you can also get cool apartments on rental value.

  2. Lan Concha Beach

Spain never lacks amazing beaches and jaw-dropping sites, the Lan Concha beach of San Sebastian is a living proof of that assertion. Marinaded very close to the historical Santa Clara Island is the Lan Concha beach where nothing is missing, from indigenous Spanish diets, to foreign recipes, and various kinds of game houses. This area has also developed massively over the years, and there are many estates, and luxury properties being listed currently, in 2023. The Lan Concha is splendid for family hangouts, couples holidays and great team fun. It comes highly recommended by the realtor’s teams and will reap positive ROI over a period of time. 

  3. Cadaques of Costa Brava

The Cadaques of Costa Brava is another impeccable places to live, vacation or visit in Spain. Properties in this area offers one of the best views of the ocean water and provides plenty of opportunity to mingle with tourists and Spanish residents, to eat most of the local delicacies and enjoy a maximum fun time. Cadaques has developed over the years and offers all kinds of realty properties on the beach ranging from condominium, bedroom apartments, and even villas befitting of royalty. The beach is smaller than many other common ones, but its tides are safer for children and adult and you can access the area by land or take a local ferry.




Beaches of Valencia


It is time to touch on some of the amazing beaches of Valencia. Valencia is one of the famous areas of Spain, and like many other economic areas in Spain, it does not suffer for beaches and ocean view properties. Here are some of the economic driving areas of Valencia where you can purchase a villa for premium returns and an amazing lifestyle.


Murcia is one of the capital areas blessed and known for its amazing landscapes and aesthetical features. It also has some of the most pristine beaches. There are many beaches in this area where you can invest in real estate; they include:

The Playa De Poniente Beach property available
The Playa De Los Cocederos del Properties with seaside views available
Cala Cortino Villas available 
Playa De Paraiso Beach houses present

You can check out for the available properties in the area by previewing the website.

The Cádiz Beaches

Last but not the least is the Cadiz Beaches which is bordered by Seville, Malaga and Huelva. Purchasing property in this area will give you a stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean as far as your eyes can go and allow the gentle morning breeze which sweeps through at evenings. The Cadiz beaches are largely developed with many premium properties available for grabs in the market. There are many ancient historical sites which have been preserved and are splendid touring locations.


Beach houses in Alicante are a fabulous way to experience the Mediterranean Sea at the shores of the eastern side of Spain. Alicante has many fabulous beach houses and quality properties that you can tap into. More interesting is that these areas have a splendid feel of the modern city, and receive frequent visits from tourists from across the world and even from citizens alike. It is bordered by Murcia, Albacete, and Valencia and has some of the most splendid tourist attractions including wineries, the San Juan De Alicante, and famous beaches such as the La Granadella.





The beauty of a beach house

Beach houses offer unparalleled access to the sea and give immeasurable peace to retirees, young hearts and various categories of people. You can enjoy a quiet life in some of the most pristine villas of Spain’s famous beaches, or invest in them for commercial purposes. Investors in these locations make a lot of returns on their monies yearly.


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