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DIY Office Space Management


Tired of being surrounded by baseless sheets? Pages keep on piling up on your desk and seem to engulf your existence? We all have been there. The irritation instigated by clutter that keeps on amplifying is sure to drive anyone out of their mind. Not only is your workspace obstructed, everything seems to be out of place. Your work is completely out of order and access to the required set of information consumes your soul since everything is disorganized. It is imperative to construct your work area properly so let’s start with sorting out your foolscap first.


What you need

  • Ruler
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard
  • Pen
  • Markers


Let’s start with the measurements

To succeed in your life, calculations play a pivotal role. Measuring your moves and constructing a thoughtful strategy will ultimately lead you to victory. So let’s start with calculations of material needed in order to finalize the dimensions of your DIY product.


Begin the ending

And here we are, already at the end of this simple task. All you have to do now is grasp the dissected piece of cardboard, carefully fold it in half and adorn it with materials of your own liking. You can use plastic beads, glass beads, glazed paper, basically anything you want. There you go, your file is ready. But wait, there is another option.


Buy One!

Yes I know it goes against the DIY culture but hear me out, buying one saves time and is much simpler. You can buy anything you want for your office for a very reasonable price. Quality is a non-issue and the versatile range is sure to win your heart.


What else can be done?

Well for starters, get book separators to separate different categories of books if they are piling aimlessly on your shelf. Get a desk with multiple drawers for obtaining extra portals of storage. Penholders with built in clocks are an exquisite solution to the annoying problem of pens rolling everywhere and committing suicide by jumping off the ledge. Get a smart table lamp for improved visualization of the work field. What you should get depends on what you need and what you need depends on the category of your job.


Why bother with cleaning your desk?

Let me ask you a question. Do you like being constantly drowned in a sea of unending crumpling wood extracts which happen to possess some vital information? Organizing your desk is not only going to create a much cleaner aesthetic, but sorting and searching will be a chore that will no longer hurt your brain. A significantly more pleasing outlook, information more accessible than ever, less strain on the mind, what else can you possibly want?





Imagine living a life where your information is on your fingertips. Now stop dreaming and put in motion, the inception of the great clean-up, and a change that will alter your life perpetually for all the right reasons. Segregation of your office work is based on significance, a predefined geographic location for each and every task, and a mind that is not constantly fearful of the thought of diving blindly into uncharted territory; aligning your office work is a reward that will never cease to amaze you. You may get used to it but trust me, a sense of appreciation will linger forever. Don’t waste anymore of your time dreading a search party to rescue your lost pages, divide them now and chain them in their respective cells in order to have an always available timely access to all of them.


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