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Budget-friendly Ways to Move to New Jersey


It can be your first time, or the 5th time moving to a new city. Needless to say that moving comes with lots of unexpected and unwanted expenses. Moving can become a dreadful experience if you are not well prepared, especially if you have a tight budget for moving expenses.

So we suggest you cut your coat according to your cloth. It seems like a nightmare, doesn’t it? Well, we’ve got you covered!


Cut Your Coat According to Your Cloth

Take a deep breath, and keep reading. This New Jersey Movers guide will help you make smart choices according to your resources. We will help you create a budget-friendly plan to fully focus on enjoying your farewells and welcome a brand new life.


Let Us Start on a Positive Note

New Jersey is a great choice. It gives you the right blend of everything nice.  Most people move to New Jersey from New York to expect a place with a little less hustle and bustle. And if you are in the same boat, read about the top reasons why New Jersey is the place to be.


More Breathing Space

Everything will seem spacious, particularly if you are moving from New York. Alleys, streets, the size of your apartment, even your parking spot will seem bigger. Many people love the extra room and backyards for children, which adds a lot of value to family life.


Less Noise

You will hear birds chirping if you open your window for fresh air. Busy cities can overwhelm you with the constant honking of cars and sirens on the streets. New Jersey offers a piece of quiet and calm.



New Jersey is a perfect place for families with children. They have great schools (best across the U.S), with high-end programs including kids summer camp. If you are a parent, you know the value of friendly neighborhood parks that you can visit.

New Jersey is the full family package.



There’s something in it for everyone. There are theatres around for culture and art lovers. People who love to go for a nature walk won’t be disappointed either. There are plenty of options that can cater to you. And who doesn’t enjoy eating at nice restaurants? New Jersey is full of diners with all sorts of cuisines. You will also be able to celebrate special occasions in full swing at a fine-dining restaurant.


Plan Like a PRO, Fit your Budget Needs!

Do you know what makes a situation less stressful? When you prepare yourself for it. The same goes for moving. The biggest mistake you can make is to underestimate the time it may consume to pack, move and unpack an entire house. So use the power of planning to stay in the game. Here are some of the tips that will help you stick to a plan for a budget-friendly move.


Downsize and Organize

Take a look around. Make a list of items and categorize them. This will help you pack in an organized manner, but you will thank us for the most when you’re unpacking. While you work on that list, discard items that are no longer being used. You can also keep them separate to give away or donate. Remember, the more items you keep, the bigger the hassle. You will need more boxes for packing, taking up more of your time and eventually costing you more money. But don’t dispose of important items just to save money now.

Get creative with the items you no longer need. Get help from family and friends to run a garage sale for those items. You will need that extra cash in the new city during the settlement period.


New Jersey Apartment and its Logistics

Think about all the space in your new place, the size of its doors, streets, and staircases. Does it have an elevator to help you with going up and down with the boxes? Or will it be a cardio test for you? Pack accordingly, particularly for the bigger items like refrigerators, washing machines, furniture, etc.

Use your time sensibly to measure the bigger items, and keep a mental note of them. Talk to the landlord about sending you the doorway, staircase dimensions. This will help you to disassemble items that won’t fit through the doors or alleys. It can also give you a clear picture of what you may need extra hands for, as additional help will cost you more money.


Middle age woman in casual clothes standing next to pile of boxes, packing, she's moving out from an old apartment. Sealing cardboard boxes with adhesive scotch tape. Close up, cropped, no head.

Middle age woman in casual clothes standing next to pile of boxes, packing, she’s moving out from an old apartment. Sealing cardboard boxes with adhesive scotch tape. Close up, cropped, no head.



Where you are moving from is the next thing to consider, a long-distance move means a lot more work. You may have to look into portable storage containers, for that matter.


Permits and Tolls

If you are going to hire commercial movers, you will need to check if they have the permit to move interstate as it might otherwise cost you extra on the go. You can also check for the number of tolls on the freeway. You can easily find a New Jersey Turnpike Authority Toll calculator on the internet to find the exact amount.

Gather Free Boxes

You can start looking into recycled boxes. You may also get lucky if you can find a mover around who wants to give them to you. Although it’s best to pack your items in proper moving boxes and supplies, given you have a tight pocket, you can always look for free boxes. Some of the possible sources of finding them are at business parks, schools, government offices, liquor, or grocery stores. You may even find some at bookstores.



Check the weather reports before locking on the day of your move. Summer days can get extremely hot in New Jersey, while winter is milder in comparison. Pick a day that is not too harsh for you physically; as we all know, it’s nothing short of a marathon.

Keeping New Jersey weather in mind, it is probably best to move during spring or early fall.



DIY -You are your soldier, and that’s fine. If you are planning to execute the entire move all by yourself, plan it efficiently. Driving a moving truck comes with a lot of responsibility. Check your route, and set aside money for parking fees. Go through the traffic laws as you will enter a new city as they may have new rules and regulations in place. For example, gas stations in New Jersey are no longer self-service based; you have to wait for someone to attend you. Drop the DIY tag while pumping gas.


Mix and Match

You may find that hiring professionals for the move can be costly, particularly if the distance is longer. So you can perhaps do a little bit of research and come up with a plan that suits your budget. We are talking about a hybrid plan. You may even get lucky by exploring a new moving company, which is offering their service at a much lower rate.  It may be the perfect plan to cut down on costs and still get that extra help.

For example, getting a storage container may be a better option for you. One other nifty approach is to check if the moving company rents out vehicles only, without the service. You can rent the truck and drive it yourself. Transport only service will surely cut down your costs.


Compare Prices

There are too many options to choose from nowadays. Spend your time to find the cheapest option. Or keep an eye out for discounts. Don’t forget to glance through their websites as you want to pick a reliable mover as well. Peace of mind is also important during such a stressful time, so try to ensure your belongings are being transported and handled with care.


Look for Tax Deductions

If the reason for your move is a job transfer, then your whole moving expense will be covered by your employer. So speak with your employer for confirmation. Check IRS guidelines to see if you meet the requirements for tax deductions for any expense paid out of your pocket for a job. Keep records of all the receipts just in case. You will need them to fill up the IRS form for the following tax season. If not, we highly recommend you find a job before you move. Having a secured job waiting for you can minimize your budget concerns.


You’ll be Home Soon

Stick to your plan, and if you have more time up your sleeves, use this time wisely to make better choices.  Maintaining a spreadsheet is a wonderful way to tick off tasks when you are overwhelmed.  We also suggest you ask for help from friends and family – as it can be a lot just for one person. Bon Voyage, and enjoy your new home to the fullest!

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