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How to Find a Moving Service

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Are you looking for a moving company? Finding a reputable moving company is a critical step in ensuring your moving process is stress-free.

Hirerush.com is an online platform that service to link service providers with customers. They are especially keen on the credibility of the companies and providers listed on their website. Therefore, businesses that are interested in joining the platform undergo a scrupulous onboarding process to ensure they are trustworthy.

Also, people who engage with the service providers on HireRush are highly encouraged to leave an honest review. This helps other customers be informed as to the choice they make when hiring professionals.

So, how do you find and determine that a moving service is worth a shot?

7 Tips for Hiring a Moving Company


1. Find prospective moving companies on various sources.
While you can find moving companies directly through platforms such as Google, and Craigslist, there are no guarantees that the movers you identify are reputable. Alternatively, you could submit a request for moving men on platforms such as Homeadvisor.com, Porch.com, Takrebbit.com, or Hirerush.com. However, it is advisable to look through the customers’ reviews on each moving company that you consider to ensure it is credible.

2. Determine the scope of the moving services you need.
For instance, do you want the moving men to do everything from packing, loading, shipping, offloading, and unpacking? Or, do you want to pack by yourself and leave the rest to the moving company? Make sure to negotiate this before entering into an agreement.

3. Get several estimates from different companies.
The cost for hiring movers varies depending on factors such as the size of your house or apartment, distance, whether there are fragile items, the weight of the items, scope of the moving services, access to loading/unloading areas, urgency, and timing among others.

Get a written estimate from several companies for comparison. HireRush provides a moving cost guide that you can use to estimate how much it will cost you to hire a moving company.

4. Discuss insurance coverage.
While most home policies cover your belongings as long as they are at home, it is likely that once the items are in transit the coverage is void. Discuss this with the prospective moving companies to find out whether they offer insurance during transit, or whether you may need to purchase a relocation cover.

5. Keenly review your moving contract.
The mover you settle for will offer you a bill of lading that serves as a legally binding contract between you and them. Before signing it, read every section keenly to ensure that you understand and agree to the terms stipulated. Seek clarification on anything that is not clear or that you do not agree to.

6. Check the inventory.
Check the inventory before departure and at arrival to ensure nothing got lost or was damaged.

7. Beware of scammers.
Unfortunately, there are some fraudulent moving companies. To avoid being defrauded, look out for the following red flags:

  • Prices that are too good to be true.
  • Insistent demand to make a deposit urgently.
  • No request for an on-site inspection.
  • No written contract or estimate.
  • Emphasis to make payment in cash only.
  • No license and insurance.
  • Poor reviews about the company.


Submit your request for a moving company and HireRush will find the best local professionals for you. Moving can be hectic, but with the help of a reputable moving company, it is manageable.

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