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Easy-to-do ideas for Thanksgiving decorations


The Thanksgiving Day is only in 9 days, so it’s better to start getting ready for it while you have time. Of course, you can’t cook more than a week in advance, but you can get your home ready for this special holiday. In this article we offer you 7 ideas of Thanksgiving decorations. They all are easy to do and don’t require much special props for implementation. Read these tips and get ready for the home-coming party!

Message board

As you know, Thanksgiving day is all about thanking your ancestors and appreciating people you have in your life. It is of utmost importance to thank people on this special occasion to let them know what you feel towards them. Unfortunately, people tend to forget words very soon, so to keep the memory of this day you can create a message board. This can be done as a frame with paper on it, or as a pegboard with small pieces of paper. Whatever format suits you best and is easier to do for you. On the board you can put some photos of your guests, put a stack of blank papers and some markers on the side. People will write short messages throughout the night and at the end take those addressed to them. In this way you can make the night memorable and valuable to each and every person at your Thanksgiving dinner.

message board

Photo place cards

If you’re organizing a huge party, then place cards will be a must to ensure that your guests don’t get lost at the table. And instead of making usual pieces of paper, you can implement photo place cards as Thanksgiving decorations. You can simply put a picture of a person into a frame and place it at his or her sitting place. However, you can make your place cards even more interesting if you put photos with special moments that you had with every person. In this way you can show your guests what you thank them for and demonstrate that you care about each and every one of them.

photo place cards

Harvest Thanksgiving decorations

Whether you have a big house or a small apartment, paying tribute to the Thanksgiving decorations traditions is important. In the past, people used everything available at hand for Thanksgiving decorations. This is why today you can also be traditional and use some vegetables, fruit, grain crops, and natural linens to make your home decoration traditional. Several ideas that you can use include melamine plates on the walls, pumpkins and apples, stacks of hays around your home and good old photos with your guests. Set all these elements together around your place (do not consider table only) and create the festive feeling of Thanksgiving day this year.

harvest decor

Thanksgiving wreath

Wreathes are frequently used in the USA for decorative purposes and a wreath can be one of the perfect easy-to-do Thanksgiving decorations for you. You can undoubtedly buy one in a store. However, you can easily do it at home. All you need is to take several thin branches and twigs and weave them together into a form of a wreath. Then you can use everything you have at hand for decorations. Most frequently Thanksgiving decorations are associated with pine cones, bundles of wheat, branches of fir, pieces of lemons and oranges, and chestnuts. If you want to make a more romantic Thanksgiving wreath, then use more fall flowers, such as roses, pinks, chrysanthemums, and dahlias.


Cozy glow

Thanksgiving Day is a special holiday on which people aim at asking for forgiveness and forgiving others. This day is usually filled with the festive mood all over the country and houses get packed with light. And what can make a better accent on the lightness of this holiday than candles? Put several large candles on your dinner table and smaller ones around your home to light them up and create pleasant cozy glow when all guests come around. Candles can help you make everyone feel more comfortable as if being the old friends; they unite people around and promote intimate relations around the table.


Natural tones

Fall holidays are all about comfort and relaxation. Remember this when choosing tablecloth, napkins, and tableware for your Thanksgiving decorations. Your goal is to help your guests feel at ease, enjoy their evening, and not get distracted and tired of bright colors. The best color pallet for Thanksgiving decorations would include those you can find in nature: pale orange, green, brown, ochre, yellow, and different shades of red. Gold will also look appropriate for a Thanksgiving party, yet don’t overuse it; gold looks good when applied to minor details and not all over the house. Keep in mind, that you can use seasonal fruit and vegetables as decorative elements; for instance, take artichokes and pepper, surround them with a grapevine and some lemons, make large pumpkins the centerpiece of this still life picture and add some light glow with small candles.

natural colors

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