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Time-management tips for your weekend before holidays


The holiday season is getting closer and some people may feel… stressed. There are so many things to do. They don’t know where to start while the clock is ticking away and there is very little time left. It is particularly true of people who have to go to work every day. The only time they can devote to the preparation for the holidays is the weekend. If you are one of them, don’t panic. Our simple time-management tips can help you get ready for the festivities in the most efficient way, so that when the day comes you can relax and enjoy it to the fullest.

1. List all the things you need/want to do to prepare for a holiday

Take two sheets of paper. Entitle the first one “Things I Want to Do” and the other one “Things I Need to Do”. Now, write down everything you want to do on the first page, and everything you need to do on the other one. For example, if you are planning something out of the ordinary and you want that to come into your family history as a vivid memory, you can hire a photographer to take photos throughout the evening (or a videographer for that matter). Perhaps, you would like someone else to take care of your alcoholic beverages. Then, why not hire a bartender for the occasion? Those things should go to the “Things I Want to Do” list. On the other hand, things like shopping should be added to the “Things I Need to Do” list.

making a list of things to do before a holiday

2. Review the list of things you need to do

Tradition is a good thing, of course. Let us be honest, though: doing something only because a tradition says so is not always wise. Have a good look at the page with all your “necessary” activities. Do you really have to cook for a crowd before every holiday? There are so many good catering companies that can relieve you of that chore. Why not give them a call? You can also hire a personal chef for a change. If you find an item in your list that you can easily skip, cross it out. If you can have someone else to perform a task, make a note so that you remember to contact them later.

3. Draw a schedule and begin your preparations as early as possible

One way to mitigate stress in anything you do is to think about it early and break a large task into smaller pieces. It is much easier to do a bit of work over one weekend and another over the next. So, review the two lists again, take a calendar, and schedule each item. For instance, visiting your favorite hair stylist can be one of the last things you will do before a holiday, whereas cleaning (either on your own or performed by a house cleaning firm) can begin a few days earlier.


4. Consider various shopping options

You can’t avoid shopping for gifts or food when the holiday is close. However, you can significantly reduce the time and effort you have to invest into buying the required things. One option, as already mentioned, is to find a catering company that will take care of your food supplies and cooking. You can also go online to see what you can buy there. With so many Internet stores around, you’ll be able to get almost anything you desire delivered right to your doorstep. Another way to save time shopping is to call a specific place and ask about the availability and price of what you are going to purchase.

shopping before a holiday

5. Too many cooks spoil the broth. Not this time!

Many people hate asking for help, preferring to do every single thing themselves and spending all of their time on that. That should not be the case when you are getting ready for a holiday. The number of chores at hand is so huge that you simply must let others share the burden with you. If you don’t feel like planning the festivities or have no idea how to do it, you can hire an event planning professional. They can work in cooperation with a party entertainment specialist and a DJ. Together these people will make your evening truly unforgettable. Also, don’t reject your family’s help.

Holidays bring joy and variety to your life, but the time preceding them can be quite stressful as you need to do many things within a limited time frame. By following the tips given above, you can reduce stress considerably. Learn to identify necessary activities, schedule them, welcome help from professionals or your family, and you will stop worrying even if you only have a couple of weekends at your disposal.

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