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Make your apartment for rent always feel like home

apartments for rent

It’s truly rare that apartments for rent can demonstrate good quality of refurbishment and impeccable interior design. If you have ever been looking for an apartment for rent, then you know that in most cases for low payment you can expect something like a fixer-upper. In big cities people rent their inherited apartments and rooms which cannot provide high level of visual image for you to see. Furthermore, very often today you can expect to rent empty apartments which have no furnishing except for the bathroom and kitchen essentials.

So imagine you walk into an empty apartment that has no interior design. Would you feel like home? Apparently not. But chins up! Even the worst places can be made feel like home. Read about several tips for frequent movers to make any apartments for rent you find feel like a true home for you.

  1. Invest in your dreaming

    In most apartments for rent you won’t be able to find a worthy bed. And in the same amount of cases purchase of a new bed won’t be included into your monthly budget. However, if you want to feel like home at this new place and feel rested when waking up in the morning, then investment in a new mattress can offer you the world of good. Keep in mind, that mattress is your movable property that can be taken to a new place later on if needed. Calm and comfortable dreaming is the main guarantee of your success.


  2. Hide the router

    There are no such apartments for rent that don’t offer Internet and WiFi at home. Yet, again, routers are used for functionality needs and usually look awful due to their unattractive appearance. Don’t despair about it. You can hide your router with a book cover or put it inside of some box to leave its functionality at its peak and at the same time not show it off.

  3. Decorate the curtains

    You can rarely find any design ideas in apartments for rent. This happens because the owners don’t care about the style, they mostly think about functionality. Add some taste to your new home’s interior design and experiment with the curtains. You can replace them totally if feel like that, however you can also add some details. Try different fasteners and decorative elements to give a new life to the old curtains.


  4. Renovate old furniture

    Just as you don’t need to buy the whole bed because mattress replacement will already do magic, nothing else in all apartments for rent does need it. Don’t waste money on buying completely new furniture to your new home if you can still use the old one. All you need is to call for upholstery replacement or get furniture assembly & repair specialists who will help you create something new out of what you have. Keep in mind that you don’t need to use objects straightforward. For instance, an old rustic door can become a perfect dinner table, while an old chair can be turned into the hanger.

  5. Don’t leave empty walls

    There is no better way of making apartments for rent feel like home than adding photographs of your friends and family. If you have some favorite paintings or posters, add them on the walls too. Whatever makes you feel cozy and comfortable should be put on the wall at the new rented space.


  6. Show off your collection

    People feel passionate about collecting something. Some hunt for books, others adore unique alcohol drinks, and some just love sugar stickers. Whatever your secret passion is about, don’t forget to show off your collection. By putting your collection into the focus, you instantly make the space yours because it gets filled with objects you love and which tell more about you than anything else in the world.

  7. Add accents

    Apartments for rent tend to be colored with calm and soothing colors that can match any taste and character. But to make the space fell like yours you need to add some bright accents to it. Choose your favorite color and put some bright pillows on the couch, buy a vase, get a pile of books on the coffee table. Think of adding color splashes around your new apartment to make it fell like a real home.

    accents for apartments for rent

  8. More light

    There is no limit to adding light to any space. Don’t get comfortable and never try to reconcile with the doomed light at old apartments for rent. Additional light will always make the space seem and feel wider and homier to anyone. This fact is especially important for homes of 50-70 years old because they tend to have low ceilings. The more light you add, the wider and freer your new apartment will look like.

  9. Add natural elements to apartments for rent

    Flowers in the pots on the window sills, ornaments with dried flowers and fruit, some pine cones can always create the feeling of home in any space. If you think a little, this trick is very often used by the hotel owners to attract more clients and help them relax even in hotel rooms. So use this well-known trick to get used to the new apartments for rent in the shortest moment possible.

    natural elements

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