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How to turn your home from winter to spring?

winter to spring interior

Once winter is over, everyone starts breathing easier. The air gets swept into the singing of birds and the view gets greener and gayer every day. While nature takes care of its own transition from winter to spring, you need to change something at home in order to stay put. What can you do to make your home transition visible and tangible? Here are several easy-to-handle tips that will change your state of mind and your home appearance.

Change the bedding

As winter steps back, spring warmth starts sweeping your home. There’s no need to use flannel or wool bedding anymore. Instead of those heavy and bulky materials switch your bedroom bedding into light cotton sheets. They will still keep you warm, yet will signify about the new season.

NOTE: if in your area spring comes around April, then don’t rush with this step. Wait until the temperature stops getting lower than 40-50 F.


Switch the drapery

In winter when the cold is trying to get in, darker and heavier drapery can save you from it. Yet, once the weather outside gets sunnier and lighter, there is no need to hide behind the curtains. Drapery change is one of the most visible ways to switch your home from winter to spring. Interior designers advise replacing heavy drapery with transparent and breezing curtains that will let sunny spring in and open your home to the awakening nature.


Get new flowers

Just as nature awakens and starts growing and getting green, you can make your home greener. Get some new plants, colorful flowers, ikebanas, or compositions with flowers. Don’t also neglect tulips or lilies of the valley that can be found in all stores in spring. Get a bouquet for your counter, or decorate your desk with a vase of snowdrops. Flowers and green plants will spruce your home with life and add the light scent of spring in your home.

plants home

Fill the planters

Whether you live in a house or in an apartment, you should have a possibility to hang planters outside your windows or at the balcony. These small pieces of exterior design can help you make your home look much nicer on the outside and add the springish mood to it. Depending on your taste and skills in gardening, you can choose blossoming flowers or green plants, you can opt for a yearling or for a plant that will gladden you for many years. Plants can always be that thick first letter of a home transition from winter to spring.


Wash windows

Even though windows cleaning is not the most pleasant procedure for any homeowner, clean windows can transform your home from winter to spring mood. Over the rainy fall and snowy winter, they accumulate stains and dirt. As a result, spring sunlight cannot get inside your home. Once you clean your windows, you will be able to see the world in different colors! In case you don’t want to handle windows cleaning yourself, you can always find a professional team with HireRush to transform your home from winter to spring.

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Change colors

Yes, this tip about changing your home colors from darker ones to lighter ones can be found in almost every article in the web. However, most of them advise replacing pillows, changing rugs and bed sheets. While these tips are right, they can be a pretty costly makeover to invest in. Furthermore, you most likely already have favorite living room colors and kitchen style to alter it just because someone advises to switch your home from winter to spring. For this reason, our advice is not about changing your interior design, but about making minor changes. You can buy kitchen towels or bathroom towels of a different color, you can buy yellow detergent or just purchase new pillowcases. Your winter to spring transition doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg; all you need is just a minor change to feel that something new is coming.


Switch the closet

Closet shuffle is always an element of winter to spring transition. The sooner you hide winter sweaters and take out summer shirts, the faster your mood will change. Lighter clothes and brighter accessories can guarantee that every morning you will feel freer and more alive. All you need is hide all those volumetric clothes into boxes and give a way to light pants and skirts. Of course, don’t rush into completing this step if the weather outside is still around zero!


We hope that these tips will improve your home decor and your mood to speed up the transition from winter to spring. Cheer up, the spring is here! If you have your own tricks how to feel the spring, please, don’t hesitate to share them in comments!

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