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Easy tricks to save money on groceries


If you want to save money on groceries then you have found just the right article for it. Regardless of your income, saving money is essential for prosperous life. People cannot live without food and as a result spend up to half of their monthly budget on groceries. Well, you cannot stop eating, but you can stop wasting your money on food. There are easy-to-do ticks that will help you deal with budget shorts. Read on and make notes!

Plan Ahead

Weekly inventory will help you stay on track with your purchases. If you want to save money on groceries then you need to avoid impulse buying. To do so you need to firmly know what you came to the store for. So once a week go through your fridge and check what supplies require refilling.

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Another perfect way to save money on groceries is by understanding coupons. Coupons can save you a ton of money if you use them smart! Planning means knowing what products you have coupons for and purchasing them at a lower price. Do so and you might even get your food basket for just $1!

Don’t shop every day because it leads to useless purchases in most cases! Go to a large store nearby once a week and buy everything you need there. IT might seem to be tough in the beginning, but once you get used to the drill, you will see how much less money you spend on food supplies.

Get the Best Price

This task will take some time, but it’s worth it! You know what products you eat most (tomatoes, chicken, white bread, sausages, etc.) so you can make a list. Then go to several stores in one week to compare prices for these products. You will find out where each product from your list has lower price and as a result you will be able to strategically plan your shopping day to save money on groceries.


Beware of 10 for $10 sales because in most cases they are unreasonable. For example, you had plans to buy 4 cans of Coke for $4.5, but then you see 10 for $10 sale and rush into accepting the bargain. While ultimately the price for a can is lower, think twice – do you need that much Coke in your fridge? Because if you don’t, you just waste extra $6.5 on products you don’t need!

Follow the sales to get just in time. Traditionally supermarkets run their sales on each product every 10 weeks. This means that you can plan when to buy that particular soap or spices that you need. For instance, this can work for cereals or porridges that don’t go to waste even after a year in a box.

Be smarter in the store

Savvy grocery shoppers explain that being loyal to one store is the key idea to save money on groceries. By going to the same store every week you can receive a discount club card. After some time the sales and money spent in the store will accumulate and so promote you to the next discount level. Such discount clubs can help you save up to 20% on your grocery shopping!

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Another benefit of going to the same store is knowing its layout. By walking aimlessly between the aisles, you are prone to impulsive and absolutely useless purchases. By learning the layout of the store, you will be able to aim at the shelves you need and avoid additional temptation to buy something else.

Eat something before you head to the store. The hungrier you are when entering the supermarket, the more things you tend to buy. This is simple psychology because your brain tries to compensate hunger with the products you see around. If you come full to a store, you will feel no need to buy everything and will stick to the plan you had.

Don’t look only in front of you, check out lower and higher shelves as well. Supermarkets put goods of higher prices in front of your eyes planning to get better profit from them. At the same time substituted with lower price and of the same quality can be placed on the lower or higher places as if trying to get them out of your attention. Don’t get caught in this game and always check all products in the same category to find the best cost-quality deal.

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