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Pros and cons of having a personal grocery shopper


You may be surprised how much money a personal grocery shopper can save you!
There are two types of people in this world: one loves shopping and everything connected to it; the other one hates stores and many people so tries to avoid grocery shopping by all means. If you belong to the second group or you simply don’t have time for long queues and unhelpful shop assistants, then hiring a personal grocery shopper is your best way out! You will get your food on the table every day without any efforts; moreover, a personal grocery shopper knows the tricks of coupons and discounts to help you save money on your groceries.

This article is dedicated to the profession of grocery shoppers. You will learn what these people can offer you and why you should or shouldn’t consider hiring one.


The pros of personal grocery shopper

  1. Time

    As it has already been mentioned above, by hiring a personal grocery shopper you save your time dramatically. There will be no more need to assign several hours for grocery shopping every week. There will also be no need to spend half an hour a day in case you need something urgently. When you hire a personal grocery shopper, this person will do all that planning and shopping for you so you can only enjoy your food daily. The only thing that will be required from your side is a list of products you would like your personal grocery shopper to buy for you.

  2. Spending

    When you go to a store you tend to buy lots of unnecessary things, if not to say useless. And it happens not because you have spare money, but because department stores have their marketing programs that almost force you to buy all that useless staff. This happens especially often if you go shopping while being hungry. This, as a result, brings money spending that was not planned in your monthly budget. But you can easily avoid such a waste of money on useless things if you have someone else to shop for you. Personal grocery shopper will strictly follow the list of things you need and won’t spend a dime more on something you don’t need. This means that you can save up to $200 a month on such spending!

  3. Specials

    As a rule, professional grocery shoppers have access to the best online deals and sales in stores. They monitor the market to ensure that you get the lowest price. This type of activity though being an amazing money-saving opportunity, unfortunately, takes tons of time that you usually don’t have in hand. So when you hire a personal grocery shopper, you get a person who will have access to all those specials and you won’t have to spend a second to reach those!

  4. Coupons

    As already mentioned, knowing everything about every sale in town takes time and effort. Leave this complicated and tiresome process to your personal grocery shopper and then just enjoy the lowest prices for your favorite products!

personal grocery shopper

The cons of a personal grocery shopper

  1. Cost

    You can’t hire a person and pay nothing. So when you hire a personal grocery shopper you will have to pay a salary to this kind of professional. However, if you calculate hours you spend on shopping and transform them into money equivalent and add to that gas cost and groceries cost, then you generally will be at a winning position with a shopper.

  2. Delivery

    Depending on the scope of groceries you need weekly, your personal grocery shopper might need transport for delivery. If your case is about helping an elderly relative, then you’re good and no delivery problems will occur. However, if you have a big family and needs lots of staff to be purchased, then in some cases shoppers will ask you to either provide them a car for the shopping time or compensate transport spending.

  3. Great purchases

    Sometimes there are things that you don’t need urgently, so you don’t put them on a weekly shopping list. However, when you walk into a store and see this item on sale, you can perfectly kill two birds with one stone – get the item you wanted and save some money on it. Unfortunately, such great purchases will not be possible with a personal grocery shopper because they usually shop by the list you give them and can’t know about all ideas you have in your head.


Bottom line

Depending on the type of shopper you are, a personal grocery shopper can be at an advantage or disadvantage for you. If you love shopping, monitor sales and coupons every week, then it looks like you can handle your shopping on your own. Should you chaotically run through the supermarket and buy whatever is in your eyesight, then having a professional personal grocery shopper will save you tons of time, energy, money, and efforts.

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