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How to get in shape: workout tips + healthy eating


Getting in shape is the most challenging task ever, as it requires maximum effort and will from you, lots of self-control and mental strength to do everything consistently, without giving up after some time. And, then you have to keep doing it regularly to retain the results and even improve them. It’s quite difficult to cope with it, as there always will be temptations and obstacles to overcome, but you have to commit to your plans to reach the main goal.

However, that goal shouldn’t be just losing weight or being able to run 6 miles a day. You shouldn’t drain your body with temporary strict diets, which may result in fast weight gain after you’re done doing them, or with exhausting workouts without gradual advance preparation. You’ll only harm your body and won’t get to any successful points.


Can you get in shape?

The key to the right path of getting in shape is doing everything in complex, regularly. It’s necessary to rethink your habits, the whole lifestyle and probably change it for better and much healthier. It seems like an unbearable amount of work to do, almost even impossible for an ordinary human. But believe me, the most difficult task is to get started and survive firs days and weeks. They say that it takes around 21-30 days for a human to develop a sturdy and permanent habit. After that everything will get much easier. And, I’m sure that first results and your improved well-being will encourage you to continue working out and eating healthy.

No matter what age or size you’re now, it’s possible to get in shape as soon as you start doing something about it. You may join a gym, hire a personal trainer or find any exercising class you’d like to be a part of and start living an active life. Go to HireRush.com and look through Personal trainers’ section. Here you may find different ads of qualified trainers who offer different programs and provide their services within your local area. They all are real professionals, who’ll do their best to reach your goals.

At the same time, the most vital thing to remember to be able to achieve your aim is that no one is perfect and everyone is different. You may set up your own pace and follow it as you do. But the main thing is to reach that goal, which is to be healthy and happy being, who has lots of energy and desire to live and succeed in whatever sphere you’re passionate about.

Now, as we’ve set up our goals and gathered all mental strength, let’s see what things we can do to become fit and which tips may help you get in the best shape and be healthy.

(Warning: I’m not a professional and I won’t guarantee you any immediate results. Plus, these tips might not work for everyone equally. Consult with your doctor before implementing any changes into your nutrition habits, especially if you have some specific medical conditions. The same applies to any physical activities.)


Exercising tips

  1. Develop your own system. Combine cardio and strength workouts for all muscle groups throughout the week. You may look online for some exercising routines which give you an example of both types of workouts. Don’t forget to warm up and prepare your body before doing anything. Do breathing, jumping, stretching activities for that matter. Work harder on those zones you think require more attention, but do exercises that involve all your muscles and body parts to spread the strain more or less equally and develop strength of all muscles. Involve all three zones (upper and lower body, back and abdominal muscles).
  2. Use help if you need so.Finding a professional trainer, who’ll design an exclusive exercise system for you, paying attention to your needs, abilities and aims is a brilliant idea. He’ll help you work out consistently, take into account your suggestions and give advice on how to do this or that type of exercise better. You may just hire him for showing you the basics and developing that plan. After that, you may continue working out on your own and consult with him as needed.
  3. Start small and increase the intensity as you go. If you’re just starting, 30-45 minutes per day will do for you. The most important task right now is to get your body (and mind) used to working out and give it some time to adapt. Besides, it won’t seem too difficult and discouraging for you if you’re just beginning exercising. You won’t give up right away because of the fact that you couldn’t comply with your own exaggerated requirements and expectations.
  4. Try to work out every single day. It might seem easier to establish a schedule and do it 3-4 times a week, but for longer periods of time. But in fact, you’ll have to activate much more will to make yourself work out after a day-two break. You’ll be much tempted to delay the working out time and postpone it to another day. But just try to turn your 30-40 minute workout into your daily routing and fit it into your schedule. Then, you’ll know that you have to do it no matter what (just as brushing your teeth every single morning + night and going to work) and won’t attempt avoiding it. Moreover, it will turn into your healthy habit overtime and give you a boost of energy and good mood for the whole day, as reasonable workout instantly improves the state of your body. Besides, you’ll be proud of yourself and feel even better just because you’ve managed to exercise.
  5. Listen to your body. Any physical activity is good in general. But you’ll know for sure that your workouts are doing something if you feel that easily recognizable pain in your muscles. On the contrary, if you feel sharp pain as you’re doing an exercise, just stop immediately to see what’s wrong. Don’t hurt yourself.
  6. Do what you like. If you’re fond of running – do it. If you like fitness, Pilates, aerobics, yoga, water aerobics, swimming, dancing or feel like you might enjoy it, then go ahead and give it a try. Just do it for yourself and adhere to the basic rules of combining strength and cardio exercises.
  7. Divide your time. Find the best time to work out. But, if you’re too busy and can’t spend 1 hour straight working out, then do an intense 4-5 minute of exercise in the morning to wake you up and complete it with a major workout whenever your find it possible.
  8. Find a buddy. It might be easier and much more fun for some people to find a person to exercise with, share troubles and results. You may even hire a personal trainer, who’ll develop an exercising plan for you, come to your house and do everything along with you. This will provide a positive example to aspire to and create a sort of commitment without having to go to the gym or any other classes. Besides, it’s like a workout comes to you, and not vice versa. Friendly relationship will only increase productivity.
  9. Don’t expect too much at once. This is not where the results come immediately. In order to get in shape and maintain it without too much effort, you have to do everything gradually and persistently. Don’t think you’re going to be perfect at something just after several days of practice. Do it till you love it, continue it for lifetime to succeed.
  10. You don’t need too much equipment to work out. If you can’t afford gym membership or don’t want to buy different exercise equipment, it is not an excuse to not work out. In fact, our body weight is our best tool. There are plenty of exercise complexes you may do without using anything, but your body weight and still involve all the muscles.


Healthy eating advice

It’s necessary to eat healthy to get in shape and feel great. Exercising might appear to be not enough if you allow yourself eating too much bad food or, on the contrary, eating pretty much nothing. You should consume as much calories per day as a person of your age, type of engagement and medical conditions is supposed to.

Furthermore, it’s not good to fit some junk food or too many sweets into that calories’ range and think that you’ve done all right. Include more and more fruits, veggies and greens to your diet. Consume them completely or almost unprocessed. Drink 2-2,5 liters of water throughout a day to stay hydrated. Cut down on sweets.

Eating breakfast is extremely important. Some people even think it should be our biggest meal of the day. Also, specialists recommend eating more times a day (like 5), but smaller portions to supply your body with energy and stop it from fat accumulation, as it partially happens because people eat 1-2 times a day. As a result, an organism gets used to receiving food rarely and starts saving energy to hold out until the next meal.

So, it’s better to have 3 big meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and have some healthy snacks in between. Those can be nuts, any kind of fruit you like, low-fat yogurt, etc. It’s also good for your body to have the last meal of the day (and the lightest one) 2-3 hours before you’re planning to go to bed.

Again, introduce changes gradually to get accustomed to your new nutrition without feeling overwhelmed.

If you’re willing to develop sturdy and healthy eating lifestyle the best way possible, then you may find a nutritionist. He’ll come up with a perfect diet (in its best sense), which suits your body perfectly and helps you eat clean even if you have an unstable working schedule. HireRush.com has accumulated nutritionists’ ads for you, including their contact information. Make a call and change the way you look on food.

Now, as I’ve given you all those good tips of how to get in shape , I’ll tell you the best one and, probably, the most difficult to follow. You have to think positively and do everything with patience and desire to get in shape and feel good about your new life. Be happy with yourself, make others happy and dream for better. Stop! I mean, not just dream, but DO better!

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    I really enjoyed this post! It seems you’re truly dedicated to your topic, which is a refreshing change of pace. I bet your content will soon get picked up by a major syndicate. I wish you well, and thank you again for taking the time to write this!


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