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How to Improve the Performance of The Air Conditioning System of My Living Room?


A disturbingly hot living room does not do any good for anyone. Particularly, if the room is the living room. The living room is that part of the house where the whole family can come, relax and have fun after a hard day’s work. If the temperature of a living room is unbearable, not much living can be done there.
Surprisingly, some homeowners and families who have air conditioning systems in their living rooms are not exempted from this. The performance is so underwhelming that it is almost as if there are no air conditioning units present in the living room.
Buying a new air conditioning system is a very expensive option. There are hacks that you can use to improve the performance of your air conditioning system. Here are some of them:


Vacuuming and Unblocking your vents
Improving the performance of your living room’s air conditioning can be as simple as keeping the vents clean. The Air conditioning vents are often located either in the floor or on the ceiling. Check them out for pet hair and dust.
By removing any debris from the air supply vents, you are making sure that there is a maintenance of steady airflow throughout the system. In some cases, the vents could be blocked by furniture, toys or rugs.
For folks who do not own an extensive unit and use a portable air conditioner, you may be wondering to yourself, how does a portable air conditioner work in these circumstances’. You do not necessarily have to make an upgrade. If you have a small living room, just clean the vents the same way you will clean the vents of a bigger air conditioning unit.


Covering the Windows
If you are trying to improve the performance of your living room’s air conditioning system, covering the windows is a really great idea. This way, you prevent the system from working overtime by reducing the amount of heat that enters the home.
Here is a way to do it: Close the curtains before going to work. This way, the house I will be kept cool throughout the day. Then when you get home you can open them to enjoy the late afternoon sun without feeling the heat indoors.


Cleaning the Area around the Outdoor Condenser
This should be a part of your home maintenance routine because it goes a long way in improving the performance of your air conditioning unit. During the summer, take time to inspect for loose tree branches, leaves or any form of debris that may stick around.
For more in-depth cleaning, you may have to service the whole unit and this has to be done by a professional. But cleaning the area surrounding the condenser clean is a quick hack that is effective, and would take a very short time.


Insulating any Exposed Ductwork
Exposed ducts can cause air leakage and thus, reduce the performance of your cooling system. Most likely, you will find ducts in the attic. However, to address this issue, you will need a professional. More often than not, covering leaks do not cost that much.


In Conclusion
If you are having issues with the performance of your air conditioning system, buying a new one is not the next best option. These hacks will help you improve the performance of your living room’s air conditioning system at little or no cost.


Photo credit by pixabay.com

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