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How to Tell if Yorkie is Purebred


The demand for purebred Yorkie has increased considerably over time. This has led to the market being full of bogus traders that sell non-purebred Yorkies as purebred to net a good amount from sale. If you too are planning to buy a purebred yorkie but are not confident of recognizing the genuine ones, this article is just the thing for you. 


Qualities of a Purebred Yorkie

In this article, we list down the qualities of a Purebred Yorkie so that you can be sure about the genuineness. 


A Purebred Yorkie is a mostly blend of two colors- the combination of which can change. The most common combinations are black and tan, blue and tan, black and gold, blue and gold, and the last combination is a parti- a combination of white, black, and tan. If the Yorkie is one solid color like a full-chocolate, full-black, or full-tan, it is most likely to be non-purebred or hybrid. However, if you are buying a newborn Yorkie, it could be one solid color. The color tends to change as they grow. 

2.Silky Hair

One of the most striking and distinguishing traits of a Purebred Yorkie is its human-like silky hair. The hair is usually very soft, shiny, and long. Their hair seldom shed and grows at a very fast pace. This is the reason why it is so thick and healthy. You can easily differentiate a purebred from a hybrid one by simply examining its coat. If the coat has long, silky hairs it is a purebred, otherwise not.


A Purebred Yorkie usually weighs around four to six pounds. The maximum weight of a purebred yorkie can go upto 7 pounds but not more than that. This is mostly because of their small size. A purebred yorkie is usually around eight to nine inches tall. So if you see a yorkie who is heavier than 7 pounds, be sure that it is not a purebred one. 


There is no litmus test that can guarantee the purity and genuineness of a Purebred Yorkie. However, based on the above traits, you can definitely spot a Purebred Yorkie from a Hybrid. In case you are still unsure, take the help of a dog expert or someone who owns a Purebred Yorkie. These people can judge the dog based on his general gait, behavior, and personality.  




After you finally bring home a Purebred Yorkie, you have to exercise due care in its maintenance. The Yorkie breed of dog is very sensitive and can easily fall sick. Owing to the long hair, you will have to pay extra attention to brushing its hair regularly to avoid hair loss and germ infestation. Due to their small gait, they do not need much exercise but you should take them out for a walk, at least once a day. 

Another important thing to keep in mind is that Yorkies need small regular meals throughout the day instead of one or two heavy meals. They have a very small mouth and hence the food should be such that they can easily eat. This is all for now. You will learn more about your furry friend as you gel up with them gradually.


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