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Vitamins for dogs: multivitamin complex for spring

dog with a stick vitamins for dogs cover

Most people believe that winter is the worst season of the year due to the cold and illnesses. However, in reality, it is spring that brings the worst into the world. Bodies lack vitamins and viruses begin to unfreeze from the cold. Top this all with unstable weather and you get the perfect cocktail to get sick. The same rule, unfortunately, applies to dogs. Spring is the time when vitamins for dogs become an essential element of their diet. Below you can find four best multivitamins available in the market. The benefit of all vitamins presented below is their delicious taste, which makes them very easy to administer for any dog.

1. Pet MD Canine Tabs Plus

About: These are universal vitamins for dogs. They are designed to provide a pup with all the minerals and vitamins missing from their diet. They can be prescribed for dogs of any breed, size, or dog’s age; this feature makes them an easy pick for dog owners. Furthermore, there are 365 tablets in a bottle, so you will have to buy them only once a year.

Pet MD Canine Tabs Plus

Price: $35-$55 per 365CT


  • Natural liver flavor
  • Made in the USA in FDA-, USDA- and FSIS-certified facilities
  • Certified safe and tested for Salmonella spp., Coliform, Staphylococcus aureus, yeasts, coliform bacteria and mold

Most homeowners report improvements in coat health and skin condition as well as higher energy level. However, not all dogs like the taste of these vitamins. Not to waste money, you can ask your vets to give your pup one vitamin for a test-run. If it works well, you will buy the rest later.

2. Pet-Tabs Plus Advanced Formula Vitamin Supplement

About: These vitamins for dogs are pork-liver-flavored. They also contain a number of supplements that improve the overall condition of a dog. The benefit of Pet-Tabs product is that it’s scored which makes it easy for pets to snap in half and swallow.

Pet Tabs Plus Advanced Formula Vitamin Supplement

Price: depends on the pack size. 60CT $15-$17; 180CT $35-$40; 500CT $85-$100.


  • Includes more than 20 vitamins and minerals crucial for your dog’s health
  • Easy-to-chew tablets
  • Made in the USA

Most dog lovers report that the taste and chewy texture were to their dogs’ taste. Some dogs even regarded the vitamins as a treat. The improvement in mobility was also a common feature among dogs of all breeds. Some owners, however, reported concerns about corn syrup being one of the main ingredients of these vitamins for dogs.

3. Vita Health Adult Daily Vitamins

About: This is a scientifically formulated kind of vitamins for dogs that strengthen dogs’ immune system and guaranty healthy coat and skin. These vitamins are made as chewable tablets that can be bought for dogs of all ages and conditions, including pregnant and lactating females.

Vita Health Adult Daily Vitamins

Price: $13-$18 per 180CT, $35 per 365CT


  • Contains 8 main vitamins and 10 minerals any dog needs
  • Your dog’s breath won’t be ugly due to the parsley leaf included in the formulation
  • Has adult and senior specifications
  • Made in the USA at a cGMP- and NSF-certified facility

Most owners reported that these vitamins for dogs provide improved and vivid energy boost even after consummation for a brief time. Unfortunately, not all dogs liked the taste; some owners said that these vitamins made their dogs gassy.

4. Spring Pet Canine Multi-Vitamin Yums

About: These heart-shaped soft chews are delicious according to many dog owners. They are designed to provide a dog not only with specific vitamins for dogs but also minerals and antioxidants. Canine Company products are all produced under strict safety guidelines. All of them are packaged with a National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) seal that guarantees product safety.

Spring Pet Canine Multi-Vitamin Yums

Price: $58-$60 per 180CT


  • Natural bacon and smoke flavor
  • “Pet Care for Kids” – a free ebook included in every purchase

Most owners report that these vitamins for dogs improved their pets’ appetite, energy, demeanor, and coat condition even after a short time of use. The NASC seal also works as an additional reason for owners to consider this product.

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