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What to do if maids service is stealing from you?

maid services stealing cover

Stealing, thieving, and pilfering are, unfortunately, very common problems for people having maids service at hand. While all homeowners know that this problem exists, no one is willing to accept the fact that their cleaner is stealing. And the reason is very simple: it’s very hard to accept and deal with the problem. We will try to clarify how to identify that your maid service is not completely honest with you and how to deal with the issue.

Signs that maids service is stealing

Very often people can’t accept that their maids service is dishonorable because it usually takes time for us to understand that something is missing. It is a common feature to believe that we’ve just relocated an item because we are programmed to believe in the inherent goodness. However, there are particular signs that are hard to misinterpret:

  • After hiring maids service you buy more food and groceries than before.
  • You constantly miss your money. (Maybe even your guests report their money missing too).
  • You mention that your clothes or jewelry is always in different places that you would never put them to.
  • You see that your personal things (whether papers or clothes or maybe in your workshop) are misplaced and look as if they were rifled through.
  • Your cosmetics, soaps, and other toiletries are missing.

This is not an extensive list of signs, yet only the primary ones. Remember that it all starts with small things. The faster your notice any of them in your maids service, the easier it will be to deal with the problem.

How to deal with the situation

The most important thing for you to understand is that it’s extremely difficult to deal with maids service stealing from you. Unless you have hand proofs, your accusations mean nothing. Little inconsistencies in your closet won’t be enough reason to face your maids service with accusations. So here are several ways how to collect evidence:

  • The easiest and best way to have a hard proof of a stealing housekeeper is a videotape. You need to install and hide ordinary cameras around the house. If you don’t have sufficient funds for a full-house coverage, you can either rent them or make a plan.
    Get one camera and make sure that it captures at least a room. Then put an expensive thing in that room. If your maid service is stealing, this process will be caught on camera and you will be able to call the police afterward.
  • In case you don’t want to involve the police in your problem, you can deal with the situation yourself. In this case, just notice that something is missing and confront your maids service. Should you hear only excuses, go back to the previous point and end it.
    If your housekeeper begins to get nervous, then talk honestly with him or her. Sometimes it helps to talk to the maid and clarify the situation. Yet, if this is not your case and you only see the innocent and barefaced lie in your cleaner’s eyes, then read on.camera at home

What to do when you’re sure

Option #1: intimidation

You can try to threaten your maids service. Tell that you’ll call his or her employer or call the police. In most cases, when the housekeeper is not a professional thief such actions will help you. The maid will return everything stolen.

police car

Option #2: contact with the employer

If the previous plan failed, then there is no other way than to call maids service provider. (It is highly advised to hire maids only via a company and not an independent maid should any such situations take place). Explain the situation calmly at first. Companies that care about their reputation will definitely deal with the problem and provide you with a replacement housekeeper.

Unfortunately, not all companies have a procedure for such cases and so might just deny everything. In this case, you need to proceed to option number three.

Option #3: call the police

If you have hard proof of stealing, then you definitely need to call the police. If you had maids service hired from a firm, then you can also ask the police to check its legitimacy. Some cases even allow you to receive reimbursement for the stolen items and money.

What to do next?

Now, you lost not only your money and belongings but also maids services. your goal now is to find a reliable housekeeper and do it fast. Here is a list of things for you to do to hire reliable maids service:

  1. Look for companies that provide maids service, don’t trust individuals. (You can leave your request through our website to find such a business in your area).
  2. Always demand references from previous workplaces. Regardless whether your maid comes from a company or was advised to you by a friend, references are a must-have!
  3. Never hire an immigrant without a legal working permit. You risk getting into problems with the Immigration Office. Furthermore, it’s harder to solve any problems with immigrants in the long run.
  4. Conduct an interview with your potential maids service providers. Ask about their experience in cleaning. You can also ask about cleaning supplies because a lot of housekeepers prefer using their own cleaning means. don’t forget to clarify payment for the services and cleaning time frame if needed.
  5. Always ensure that you have several candidates on your table before choosing one. And it is highly advised to sign a contract with maids service that will protect you from stealing episodes and at the same time protect your housekeeper in terms of your obligation to pay. Signing a contract is a mutual benefit, keep it in mind.interview

We hope that you will never have the “pleasure” of dealing with a stealing maid in your life. Work with professionals and protect yourself with a contract at all times.

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  1. Cheryl Brent

    Thank you for addressing such an important issue. It’s vital for homeowners to know their rights and the steps to take if they suspect theft. The advice on documenting everything and contacting authorities is spot on. Trust and security should always be a priority when hiring any service.


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