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Organization ideas for small spaces

organized and clean small space

Smaller spaces and houses are quite difficult to organize. And you have to be quite creative to find the space to add an extra storage and even find a storage solution that won’t turn your already small room or house into a tiny, overcrowded with furniture, box.

Besides, smaller spaces may get really cluttered within a blink of an eye.

And, there’s nothing you can do about it unless you introduce effective storage and small space organizing solutions that would open up the space in your house, making it seem much roomier and providing more storage possibilities at the same time.

If you’re all about that, check out these organization and storage ideas for small spaces and try to implement a couple of them in your own house.

15 small space organization ideas

  1. Free yourself from the stuff that’s been sitting in your house for too long without any particular use. We tend to purchase and keep much more stuff than we need.
    The first tip of keeping smaller houses organized is keeping up with decluttering.
    Go through your house with a huge bin bag and get rid of things (outrageously full wardrobe, old decorations you’ve always wanted to change up, excessive number of coffee mugs, too bulky furniture, etc.).
    Offer them to your go for a major donation trip.woman behide a huge pile of things she needs to declutter
  2. Make the full use of the wall space. Vertical and open storage solutions are definitely preferable for smaller houses.
    They require more maintenance and cleaning efforts. On the other hand, they don’t look bulky and don’t shrink your minimal living space, causing claustrophobic feelings.wall storage to organize small space
  3. Do you feel like you can’t even turn in your kitchen without knocking something over or banging on a random piece of furniture and smashing your toes?
    Do you lack storage space even though your kitchen is crowded with wide cabinets and counters? Cut down their number then!
  4. Get as many wall shelves as you can instead. Keep your pans and pots on a hanging kitchen rack.
    Introduce above-the-cabinets storage by adding plate holders, cookbook stands, spice holders on their tops.small kitchen with pots and pans on rack above the stove
  5. Remember that organizing small spaces is all about finding multipurpose furniture and decorative items.
    For instance, a drop-down dining table that serves as a hidden tall kitchen buffet provides additional storage and saves up a lot of precious kitchen space.drop down dining table with storage for small kitchen
  6. A coffee table with bottom shelves to hold books or CDs (if you still have those) for your living room, a dresser/office table for your bedroom, a sofa that turns into a bunk bed for your guest room/living room, a staircase with built-in shelves, a high bed with a desk and shelving unit for your child’s room are perfect small space organizing solutions as well.bunk bed couch transformer for small spaces
  7. Turn your counters into a dining table or use a kitchen island like that. You won’t have to find the place for a dining table and get more storage space.
    Organize that area with storage baskets to divide your kitchenware into different categories and ensure easy reach. As easy reach means easy put-away. And that turns into easier cleanup and less mess.
  8. Tackle the bedroom mess with the help of under-the-bed storage. Beds that already have shelving part under the actual mattress are rather convenient.
    But if you don’t have one of them, you may either use plastic under bed storage drawer or ask a handyman to build wooden shelves underneath your current bed.
    You may turn it into a dresser, a shoe rack or just storage for seasonal clothes and bedding. Higher beds provide even more space for such storage items.plastic storage under a high bed
  9. Improve your current storage.
    Cabinet doors – with storage racks/baskets for pots’ lids, hair tools or everyday makeup, bathroom door – with over-the-door skin care and hair products, dresser – with drawer dividers, closet and pantry – with hanging canvas shelves, additional racks, multilevel bins and retractable storage systems.
  10. If you don’t have enough workplace in your kitchen, improve your current counters with the pullout cutting boards.
    You might sacrifice a couple of drawers so that a handyman (find one on HireRush.com) is able to do that.
    But you’ll immediately notice how convenient those systems for small kitchens are.pull out cutting boards n small white kitchen Post a task for handyman
  11. Clear out even more countertop space by removing your kitchen appliances from it.
    Find the way to attach them to the wall or put them on shelves in front of your window or under the cabinets.
  12. Turn the side of your staircase into a spacious coat rack with a bench and a shoe storage under it.
    Another way to use this area in terms of storage is to build a couple or retractable shoe racks or simply storage units in it.staircase with built-in coat storage
  13. A fold-down desk with a high shelving unit will allow you to have your own, even though quite compact, office area.
    And, you’ll always have your table clean.
    This might be a great solution for a child’s room as well. Your kid will have a comfortable studying place which won’t take up too much playing area.
  14. Introduce more hidden storage space to your house by building under ceiling storage racks, shelves and cabinets.
    Cute storage shelving behind your bed will make the bedroom area we normally don’t occupy with anything but wall art into a useful small space organizer.shelving behind the bed in smaller bedroom
  15. Use the space under your desk to keep your office tech instead of placing it on top of your table and leaving yourself with minimum working area.

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