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The most essential fall lawn care tips


When summer is pretty much over and the days of your lawn being all luscious and green are almost gone, it’s time to start thinking about the next season and preparing your lawn for it. Fall lawn care is a rather important phase you definitely shouldn’t miss. You may consider it as an investment in your lawn’s future.

Fall lawn care determines the health of your grass for the next warm season, as well as gives it additional powers to survive the dormant period and come out of it in a full growing force.

Making sure to take basic lawn maintenance steps, not abandoning it during fall and taking additional measures to make sure that the grass gets the most out of cooler fall days to revive next spring is just enough.

However, damaged and dry lawns require deeper fall lawn care. This season is a perfect time to embark on lawn repair measures, which will allow your damaged and distressed due to heavy traffic and the lack of precipitation grass come back to life even stronger the next spring.

When it comes to repairing terribly damaged lawns, entrusting lawn rejuvenation task to professional lawn care servicemen is the wisest thing to do.

Go to HireRush.com to post your fall lawn care task and get reached out by the most experienced local lawn care contractors, who’ll decide which fertilizing, blank spot repairing and dormant season preparation measures will suit your grass the best.

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If you were lucky enough to save your lawn in acceptable condition, make sure to use these fall lawn care tips to get your grass all set and ready for the beginning of the next warm season.

The most important fall lawn care tips

1. How to mow your lawn in late summer – fall

It’s rather important to keep mowing the grass till its starts turning brownish and eventually goes dormant. Luckily for you, you won’t have to mow as often as you’d normally do in summer.

The grass growth slows down. However, we can’t say that about the roots.

Those are trying to suck in all the nutrients and develop as much as they can to survive colder temperatures and be able to provide for new grass growth when it gets warm again.

Cutting your grass a little bit lower than usual will be perfect for the fall lawn care. You don’t need to chop the leaves off all the way to the roots.

But, moving your lawn mover’s blade a little bit lower so that it cuts a little bit more than your usual 1/3 of the leaves’ length will be just enough.

It would be even better if you could chop the cut-off leaves up and spread them all over the lawn. It will only benefit from the healthy amount of mulch.

2. How to water your lawn in fall

Please, don’t give up on watering your lawn just because it’s fall. As we figured out, grass roots experience a huge growth spurt during the late summer – fall period.

That’s why it’s extremely important to make sure that your lawn remains hydrated and receives enough water for its roots to get ready for the cold season.

Obviously, heavy and regular rains fall normally brings us will save you a ton of lawn watering time. However, anything below 1 inch of precipitation a week is definitely not enough for your grass.

Keep track on the amount of water your lawn receives naturally by monitoring how much water accumulates in your rain gauge. If you need to, compensate for the lack of moisture by watering your grass weekly till the end of October.

3. Fall lawn care must dos

  • Leaf  and weed removal

Free your lawn from fallen leaves to make sure that the wet, sticky and suffocating mat they create on grass doesn’t cause any diseases and fungus issues.

Get rid of all occasional weeds as well

I know that raking fallen leaves is almost as ‘fun’ lawn mowing. And the fact that you have to do that regularly, without waiting for all the leaves to fall down before you get to rake them, doesn’t improve the situation. I feel you.

However, consider regular and frequent leaf raking as one of your unpleasant fall lawn care responsibilities you just need to get over with. In the end, you may always call up yard clean-up services.

  • Fall aeration

Where else you’re supposed to spend your summer days if not on your lawn? Thus, the chances that your lawn has got pretty compacted over the summer are pretty high.

That’s why you need to eliminate that soil compaction and let the grass roots breeze freely.

Grab your aerating tool and go over your lawn with it to let more water and air enrich the soil and get to the grass roots.

This will provide your lawn will greater amount of useful nutrients, which will come in handy during the beginning of new growth season.

  • Fall lawn fertilizing

Well, it’s no secret that amazingly green and thick lawns don’t grow on their own (I wish!!!). You need to fertilize them.

Early fall fertilization is just as necessary as spring one. You’ll see that for yourself once your lawn surprises you with a couple of extra green weeks this fall and its lusciousness next spring.

Just make sure to pick up special fertilizer designed for fall fertilization, as it incorporates all the nutrients in necessary for lawn’s fall development propositions.

  • Reseeding your lawn in fall

If your lawn became a victim of drought or heavy traffic, you’ll need to fix dry spots and bold patches by reseeding them.

Use all-in-one lawn repair mixture and follow the instructions on its packaging on to refill bald spots without any particular effort.

Besides, lawn care pros recommend spreading new seeds (not as heavily as on bold spots) all over the lawn in fall.

This is how you can renew your lawn and make sure that it doesn’t die due to the fact that the grass’s to keep the lawn in proper condition.

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  1. Derek McDoogle

    I like that you talked about raking the leaves over and over again doesn’t really help until they’re all fallen. I will make sure to go out and shake all my trees to see if that will help get them to come off sooner. It should help I would imagine. I want to do as little work as possible in my yard this year, cause it helps me spend more time inside.

  2. Bobby Saint

    I like that you provided some tips on how to take care of your lawn such as making sure that it is properly hydrated. It is recommended to carefully observe if your lawn gets enough moisture from the water and if the grass isn’t turning brown which is a good indication that it’s drying up. You may want to invest in a sprinkler system to water your lawn. This would ensure that there is an equal amount of water spread across your lawn. I would make sure to keep this in mind always. Thanks.


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