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Thinking Of Having An Outdoor Kitchen? Read This


Thinking of building an outdoor kitchen? Don’t know where to start? I don’t blame you for wanting one!

Outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular because they make any backyard so much more exciting. An outdoor kitchen extends living space and gives every homeowner the option to bring traditional indoor activities outdoors!

Building a kitchen in your backyard is like building a wood-burning outdoor fireplace or any other home improvement project, for that matter. You have to plan before anything else.

Luckily, you have stumbled on the right place. Here you will find some amazing tips that will get you started on your journey. Take a look!


Set A Budget

Building an outdoor kitchen is a financial investment. Before you make a detailed plan and start adding appliances to your cart, set a realistic budget. Calculate how much you can and are willing to spend on your new project. Set a maximum limit. Home improvements always seem to cost more than expected. 

The size of your budget dictates how you will spend your money and which luxuries you can afford. If you are on a tight budget, you should prioritize things you need over things you want. 

You can build a small outdoor kitchen with essential components for little. Can’t afford an outdoor fridge? No worries! Store your drinks inside and bring them out when needed. All appliances you can’t currently afford can be found in your real kitchen.


Choose A Location

Have you decided where you want your outdoor kitchen – your patio, deck, or terrace? No matter which location you choose, make sure it:

  1. Is big enough to fit your whole kitchen plan (cabinets, countertop, grill, appliances, sink, trash cans, etc.).
  2. Offers enough space for the chef to move and cook comfortably. 
  3. Is located near the dining area where guests are seated.
  4. Is close to your indoor kitchen where you can retrieve supplies. 


Don’t Forget About Utilities

What is an outdoor kitchen worth if the fridge is not working, your gas burner is dead, and your tap is running dry? You will have to hook your outdoor kitchen to all the necessary utilities to bring it to life, just like you did with your indoor kitchen. 

Study your house and see where the electricity lines, gas, and water pipes are located. If your outdoor kitchen doesn’t have easy access to these resources, you may have to run extensions and additional lines out in the backyard. Keep this hidden cost in mind when setting your budget. 


Consider The Weather

The climate you live in has a big say in how your outdoor kitchen will look and how much use you will get out of it throughout the year. Follow these tips to make your kitchen weatherproof:

  1. Your kitchen appliances and furniture should be graded for outdoor use. 
  2. Build your outdoor kitchen under a pavilion if you get scorching heat, frequent rain, or heavy winters. 
  3. Winterize and store some of the appliances during colder months. 
  4. Don’t position your outdoor kitchen in direct sunlight to avoid damage to the outdoor fridge and to keep the stainless steel cabinets from overheating. 
  5. Don’t build your outdoor kitchen under trees to avoid spring pollen and constant upkeep. 




Bring Indoor Charm Outdoors

Building an outdoor kitchen sure takes time and a lot of planning, but the end result is worth it. An outdoor kitchen will instantly transform your home by bringing some indoor kitchen charm out in the open for everyone to enjoy. 

Did you find our tips for building an outdoor kitchen helpful? Let us know in the comments below and share our list with your friends and family. They might be thinking about building an outdoor kitchen too! 


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