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Questions and Answers

Q: What do remodeling services include?

A: Home remodeling contractors offer improvement and renovation services for residential homes. The range of services included in home remodeling is almost endless, from the basic repainting of one room to the complete restructuring of a house. Home remodeling contractors offer services of different kinds: you may only ask for a consultation or advice or hire a contractor to complete the whole remodeling from planning to implementation on their own.

Q: How do remodeling contractors charge?

A: The price of the home remodeling services consists of the cost of materials and labor. Usually, the cost you discuss with a contractor is the cost of labor, while the price of materials depends on your budget and preferences.

Q: What is the average cost of the remodeling services?

A: The average home remodeling cost lies between $12,000 and $48,000 with both materials and labor included. In home remodels, however, contractors separate kitchen and bathroom remodels because these are the most common project types. The average cost of the bathroom remodel is $5,400-$18,000, whereas the kitchen renovation price is much higher, about $25,000-$50,000 on average. To learn more about the prices and charging methods of the home remodeling, please read our cost guides:

Q: What factors affect the cost of the remodeling services?

A: The price of materials is one of the most influential factors in the home remodeling cost. The more qualitative, natural, and sturdy materials you choose, the higher will be the final price of your home remodel. The cost of labor can differ depending on the following factors:

  • Project scope. The more rooms you want to remodel, the higher will be the final remodeling cost because the project will last longer.
  • Number of workers. For small scope projects, the home remodeling contractors usually require only one assistant, while bigger remodels require 2-5 more pairs of hands to complete everything by the deadline. Additional hands need additional payments.
  • Home/room layout and design. Unusual shapes, lack of plinths, fillet ceilings, wall niches, triangular room shapes, and other architectural ornaments will cost more in terms of remodeling because they require more scrupulous work for completion.
  • Extra experts. For kitchen and bathroom remodels you might require additional assistance of a plumber, electrician, and even architectural engineer because not all remodeling contractors have all the licenses to provide such services.
  • Home age. First of all, home age affects its architectural value and might require renovation to be performed in the same style. It’s always much harder and more expensive to stick to the old style of a house. Secondly, homes built before the 1970s have asbestos and lead in their structures. This means that before your remodeling contractor proceeds to the actual work, you will have to hire another expert to remove asbestos and lead from your home.
  • Permits. You will need a building permit in most of the states so be ready to fork over for that as well.

Q: How to avoid dealing with scam remodeling contractors?

A: Unfortunately, not all home remodeling contractors provide qualitative and fair services. A lot of them don’t have the needed qualification, license, or proper experience to take on complex cases. In order to spot scam contractors and steer away from them, pay attention to the following red flags:

  • Deposit upfront. Reputable contractors don’t require any deposits for their work. Yes, they might ask you to give some money before they begin the remodeling to purchase the materials, for example, but reliable experts will always document the fact of receiving the money from you and later provide the receipts for every penny spent.
  • Strong reluctance to obtain permits. Remember that lack of permits will cost you an arm and a leg in case any legal check comes to your remodeling site. Don’t cooperate with a contractor who strongly denies the necessity of permits.
  • Cash payments without any fixation. Always demand receipts or any other paper proof when you give money to a contractor. This is the only way to protect yourself from spending money on something completely unrelated to remodeling.