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11 reasons why writers need own websites

writers need own websites

Today, it is not so easy for a writer to become famous if he does not have a literary agent who promotes his works. Once, literary magazines performed agency functions, and the appearance of a new story or a novel used to immediately become a noticeable phenomenon in cultural life, causing discussions in the press. Times change, and we change with them — this is natural. Technical progress has given us tremendous communication opportunities. If you are an aspiring writer, you might have doubted if writers need own websites or not. But be sure, your own website on the Internet might become a vital tool for your future writing career.

So, why writers need own websites

There is also a simpler, practical free option — you may put your essays on websites for young writers. There are literally hundreds of them on the Internet, and placing texts on any of them is a matter of five minutes. On each website, there are interesting and talented writers.

However, there are so many authors that you risk simply getting lost among the others. It is very difficult for publishers and sponsors who are purposefully looking for what is suitable for promotion, to look through such a mass of information, and they have no time for this. Therefore, it is better to work a little and create your own personal website. You may either try creating it yourself if you have special knowledge or turn to professional website developers.

Your page on the web is a presentation of you personally and your works. It will give you many times more opportunities to make a name for yourself to the world. You will be able to communicate with Internet users, receive feedback on your work, critics, and advertise your works. The website will allow visitors to get to know you closer not only as a writer but also as a person. A creative and well-made website is a chronicle of your life and literary work.

We should say that even professional writers do not always have their own websites, which, in our opinion, is a big omission. After all, readers simply need to know firsthand when this or that book will be written, what memories are dear to the beloved author, where the next autograph signing session and the presentation of a new novel will take place. Unfledged writers, of course, are far away from all this, but even they may have an interesting reading and writing experience that they want to share with other people and that will be in demand.

Often you can watch how the idea of ​​creating something of your own inspires people, their eyes light up, but a note of pessimism says: “I won’t succeed. I can’t do anything. I have no money.” And all worthy thoughts go to the archive of your memory, you feel utterly discouraged, and then you start to work again, but this job is not so inspiring and pleasing. Therefore, it is necessary to understand clearly what your project will give you. So, let’s have a look at eleven reasons writers need websites.


1. Professional presence on the Internet

You can write novels or work as a freelancer, but publishers and customers should know who you are and what you offer. Where can they find this information?

Simple emails to publishers are not enough. Editors’ inboxes are loaded with different emails, and they need to know more about you. Moreover, you need to stand out from other writers, and show literary agents you are the perfect fit. You can do this by showing your website which should be creative and have good content.

2. Your name

Your work will gain authorship, every article, every word will not just be anonymous, but have a real author. Sure, it imposes a serious responsibility: you must monitor the accuracy of the information and the absence of errors. You will no longer be indifferent to human criticism, and all your creations will be collected in one place and put into a single picture of your personality. Creating your website, you declare your importance and share a certain part of life with other people. You should do this only if you are a really exciting and extraordinary person who has something to say.

3. Your creativity

No more writing in vain and sighing that you, as the ghost of the night, exist far from everything and everyone. Now you are closer to people, you have acquired flesh and blood. Your voice has become louder, and gestures are more expressive now. In fact, you have a tribune from which you can say something. Will people hear you or not depends only on the power of the microphone, which is your writing skills.

4. Your income

Do you think that using a website or a blog cannot bring money? Naive delusion! Experienced people have long understood that with the help of the Internet they can significantly expand their financial resources. Your website will be a great start for your books in electronic format. With it, you can become a partner of numerous stores (for example, bookstores).

You can place thematic advertising on your website, and get paid for every click on them. Of course, for a good income, you need to promote your website. This means that you need to work hard and attract people to your website. You can hold any creative contest so that as many people as possible get to know about you.


5. Your services

When there is a certain portfolio, it is very convenient and profitable to offer your services. For example, it is a wonderful opportunity for a copywriter or the author of unique texts. This is provided that you are able to combine various activities, and your pride will not be wounded.

6. You can offer your product

This may be a video tutorial for the activities that you have successfully mastered. For example:

    • how to write a book;
    • how to create a website;
    • how to repair something;
    • how to work as a freelancer;
    • how to become a successful copywriter, and much more.

There is a great motivator to become a professional.

7. Place for your publications

This is of particular importance for new freelance writers. Even if you have only several works, your website and blog show your writing skills. Even if there is no blog on your website you can feature enough of your writing to show off your experience. A website can also serve as your portfolio.

8. You can help people

Your personal space on the Internet will benefit not only you. You can see in different forums of literature lovers confessions that the wise and interesting thoughts of famous and young writers help to navigate in life, stimulate others to the creative activity.


9. Own rules

You will be the master of your information platform and set your own rules on it. Nobody will be able to block you because of violations, you will receive honest, not paid reader feedback, and your creative reputation will grow.

10. You can have an email list

Whether you are writing your first novel or your third one, you want to give a buildup. Even if you have a website with no blog, potential readers will want to be the first to know about your upcoming book. You can offer them a free first chapter as a stimulus for signing up. And if you provide such service as copywriting, there is no limit to what you can offer.

11. Networking opportunities and building confidence

You can write novels or work as a freelance writer, but you have to meet your readers. Also, you should learn more about other writers and their publications. You need to be in the know.

Even if you are an introvert and really shy, your blog gets your publications in front of readers without actually meeting face-to-face with them. You should step out of your comfort zone if you want to succeed as a writer. And maintaining a blog can help you become more confident.

Now that you have realized all the benefits, you can try to create your own website. It is perhaps the sacred duty of every person to whom his name and work are dear. To ensure that all your efforts are not wasted, you can simply materialize what you are doing. Write a poem, post it on your website and read the comments. However, you should not listen to all the negative reviews: be reasonable and clever.

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