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Questions and Answers

Q: What do commercial photographer services include?

A: By definition, the adjective “commercial” means something that brings money. Since all photographers offer their services not for free, in fact, any kind of photography service can be regarded as commercial. However, in the photography world, commercial photographers have a pretty definite number of services on offer.

Commercial photographers, as a general term, include architecture/interior/exterior photographers, fashion and advertising photographers, product photographers, and all other photography services related to the named above. All of them, in most cases, work with companies and other businesses. They take pictures of some products, be these buildings, clothes, or food, and then these images are used in all kinds of promotional materials by the clients. Commercial photographers take pictures and then carefully and professionally edit each and every one of them providing only 2-3 best shots of every product after the session.

Q: How do commercial photographers charge?

A: Commercial photographers can charge either per hour or per day, in rare cases per product pricing may apply. For example, an architecture photographer will most likely require a per-day charge because they spend a lot of time on the object and at the post-production stage. Fashion photographers usually work on a per-hour basis on fashion shows, while requiring per-hour payments for lookbook-kind of projects. Product and advertising photographers usually have per-product charges.

Q: What is the average cost of the commercial photography services?

A: The price range of commercial photographers varies a lot depending on the area of expertise and the size of the project. Most clients report spending between $800 and $2,500 in total. Please read our commercial photography cost guide to get more detailed information about the prices for every kind of photography services.

Q: What factors affect the cost of the commercial photography services?

A: Since the field of commercial photography is very broad and different, the cost-affecting factors will also vary depending on the photography kind. Here we collected the most prevalent of them:

  • Services included. If you’re paying for a day of service, a photographer is likely to include all possible services into the total price. If you pay a photographer per hour of work, however, you might face extra charges for traveling or unusual shooting scenery and conditions. The number of edited images is also included in this point: if you need more edited photos than a photographer offers, be ready to pay extra for every additional image.
  • Copyright. Most often, photographers leave the copyright by their name and grant you the right of using their intellectual and artistic property. In case you decide that you need the complete right for the usage of the photos, since you need photos for an advertising campaign, for instance, you will have to sign an additional contract, hire a lawyer, and pay a lump sum for the copyright.
  • Extra working time. All extra time of photographer’s work is usually paid by doubling the initial cost. Such extras are applied if you urgently need to prolong the service and it was not agreed on beforehand.
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Q: How to hire a reliable commercial photographer?

A: Whatever kind of a commercial photography professional you may need, there are several universal steps that will help you avoid hiring the wrong person.

  • Review the previous works. Since you’re looking for a commercial photographer, you already know how your product or service should be represented. So to get "your" photographer, review the previous works of several candidates to choose a person whose style and vision match yours.
  • Set up an interview. Before you head to the interview, make a list of questions that interest you and take it with you. During the interview ask them all so that later you could evaluate your personal impression of a commercial photographer and their professionalism.
  • Fee negotiation. Not always will commercial photographers be happy to make discounts for their work, especially if they are high-class experts. However, you can negotiate the deal you’re getting in terms of services included and the fee you will be paying. Professionals will listen to your requests and will try to make a compromise. But be careful with trying to get the lower deals!