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Questions and Answers

Q: What do garage door installation services include?

A: Garage door installation companies provide services related to the garage doors. This means that they can not only install the doors but also replace the old ones or fix the installation-went-wrong kinds of the project.

Most often, garage door installation requires two people and about five hours of work in total. Such a work might be performed as a DIY project provided that you have advanced skills in carpentry and electronics, for instance, for modern fool-proof protected items.

Q: How do garage door installation companies charge?

A: Flat rate based on a number of factors described below is the standard pricing method in the garage door installation business. This means that you pay for the labor, materials, additional features, and the complexity of the installation itself altogether.

Q: What is the average cost of the garage door installation?

A: Most homeowners spend between $800 and $1,500 on the garage door installation services and materials together. Your price range, however, may reach $4,200 if you need to install more than one door. Please, find more details on the pricing policies of garage door installers in our garage door installation cost guide.

Q: What factors affect the cost of the garage door installation services?

A: Since the cost of the garage door installation mainly depends on two factors, namely labor and the door itself, below you can find the door characteristics that determine the cost of the services.

  • Material. Initially, the cost of the garage door depends on the material it’s made of. Today there are five main materials available: steel, vinyl aluminum, wood composite, and wood. Natural materials like wood cost more, however, allow creating more versatile and visually appealing doors. Steel doors cost the least among all but are not suitable for cold and wet climates.
  • Style. There are single and double tilt doors, swing in and out models, roll-ups, and sliding items. Styles do differ in price, however, you shouldn’t be led by numbers only. Choose the garage doors based on your space layout.
  • Size. Standard-sized garage doors will cost less because they are produced in large factories and so have lower initial costs. In case your garage is higher than usual or you would like to order a custom-made door, then be ready to pay extra.
  • Insulation. Some homeowners install garage doors without any insulation because they don’t think it’s essential. Well, it is. Insulation lets you keep the average garage temperature stable to avoid harmful influence on your car, bikes, and anything else stored there. Moreover, proper insulation also is a part of the right security measures for any garage.

Q: How to avoid dealing with a scam garage door installation company?

A: The garage door installation scam equals a breach of safety at your home, extra payment for the proper installation or repairs in the future, and even the risk of theft from the unreliable crew. If you don’t want any of this to happen to you, then make sure you avoid companies with the following red flags:

  • No identifying marks. Reputable garage door installers have a company name and logo which are stated on their clothes, vehicles, and office. If you come to an office without any of this, then you should already feel suspicious. Moreover, if everything was OK during the contract signing and negotiation process and then a worker without any identification shows up at your doorstep, then you need to call the company to confirm the identity of this employee before you let him or her start doing the job.

  • Excessively low or high prices. You know about the average cost of the garage door installation services from the numbers above. So you can understand how much you can spend on it. Too low prices usually signify that a company doesn’t have a license, or its workers are not qualified to perform the services. High prices are usually set by companies that have a name in the industry. Generally, you will be able to find the same services at a more acceptable price elsewhere.

    Lifetime warranties. While it sounds great, a lifetime warranty for garage doors is a utopia. The scam works in the following way: you get the doors installed with low-quality parts that fail within the first month. Then a company replaces the part for free but you still pay for the labor. As a result, you spend more money than initially planned.