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  • Computer Repair
  • Appliance Repair & Installation
  • Security Installation
  • Electrician
  • TV Installation
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I could offer a different sort of services as fixing any electrical problem, changing lights, outlets, switches ... residential or commercial

You can call me anytime specially if there is any emergencies.

* Telephone, Data Wiring & TV
* Service Upgrade, Breakers, Fuses
* Service Repair,
* Wire Upgrade or Replacement.
* Custom home wiring.
* New home wiring.
* Home Remodel Wiring.
* Panel Repair & Upgrade.
* Outlets & Switches, all lighting fixtures.
* Track and Recessed Lighting.
* Computer Circuits, Telephone lines
* Ceiling Fans, ac units.
* GFCI Outlets, dimmer switches.
* Circuit Additions.
* Dryer Ranges & Air Conditioning Circuits.
* Alarm systems, Security systems, security lighting install or replace: outlets, switches, dimmers, A/C lines, breakers, panels, all kinds lights, fans ect. install 120V/ 220V Lines per your needs.
* Install Washer/Dryer