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HireRush Profile
HireRush Profile
$ 19 95 monthly
HireRush Profile
$ 49 95 monthly
Phone calls forwarding
Direct Web browser calls
Site Messaging System
Engagement dashboard and stats
Quotes dashboardThe customers can contact you through your profile by sending you a request with the details and contact information. You can see it in your dashboard "Incoming Messages". We will send notification sms on your mobile phone.
Profile Rating and Reviews
New task notifications (sms, email)
Placement in HireRush directory
Type of Positioning in ListingsAccount with Premium subscription have the most high priority in HireRush service listing. Account with Pro subscription have lower priority than Premium but highly than Basic. Basic Pro Premium
Custom Phone Number
Phone Menu and Auto Attendant
No Ads on your Profile
Extended portfolio
Links to your site and groups
Free LeadsWhen you get incoming tasks from customers, you receive client contact details for free the first 5 or 10 times for month in your dashboard. 5 10
Personalized Subdomain
Custom Website
Publish Special Offers and Coupons
Google Analytics & Change SEO tags
SEO analysis and report
Profile Themes and Color customization

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