Duct cleaning special! DONT miss out!!...

  • Air Duct Cleaning $189.00

Clean My Furnace: 4335 Pheasant Ridge Drive NE, Suite 224-179A, Blaine, MN 55449

House smelling a little musty? All winter long your house has been buttoned up tight which means your furnace has been recirculating the same stale air throughout your ventilation system. This makes spring a great time to get your air ducts cleaned. For just $189 we will clean ALL YOUR DUCTS! While our competitors charge extra based on how many vents you have, what components you need cleaned, etc., we just clean everything for one flat rate - $189. .

We are offering the Rotary Brush method for $189.99
We are also offering the 6in powerful rotary brush down EVERY vent for $329.99
We offer the AIR sweep for $99.00