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After a car wreck or other accident, insurance companies may contact you to give a statement. It is extremely important you first contact a personal injury lawyer before you give a statement. Anything you say to an insurance company may be used against you at trial. Many times, insurance companies will record these conversations. You should not make any statement about the accident or sign any settlement forms or other documents (especially a check) until you have had your claim evaluated by an attorney with experience in similar cases. Never consider accepting a personal injury settlement without first consulting with an auto accident attorney.

Do not feel pressured to answer the insurance company's questions-especially if you are in pain or if you do not fully understand the extent of your injuries. An experienced car accident attorney can demand your rights from the insurance company and vigorously pursue the settlement you deserve. Your car accident attorney will handle communications with the insurance company.

If you would like to speak to an attorney that you can feel comfortable with and who is an experienced auto accident attorney that is rated "EXCELLENT on, please contact the Law Offices of Albert Lee Crosner at to arrange for a free consultation. Mr. Crosner has been handling car accident injury claims for over 30 years, during which time he has recovered compensation from every major insurance company on behalf of his clients.