Computer repairs | replace iphone broken screens

  • Computer Repair $20.00

A+ hardware and operating system certified.
Diagnostic- Free
Pc tune up-$20
Screen replacement-$40
Motherboard replacement-$65
MS word installation-$30
Format and installation of fresh OS with drivers-$60
RAM replacement-$15
Battery replacement-$10
Data recovery from broken pc-$35
Data back-up or transfer to another computer-$30
Virus removal-$45
Install two OS on one computer(Dual boot)-$55
Dead power supply-$40
Missing Drivers-$25.
I also replace iphone broken screens for $40

I also assemble custom desktop computers for $120, with high performance processors, rams, psu, ssd, motherboard for gaming enthusiasts or for people that like really fast and powerful computers but you get to provide your own tower cases, motherboards, parts etc...