Sean' Carpet Cleaning Specials - $19/Room or $59/House (4 Room Special)

  • Carpet Cleaning $19.00

Hello Again!
My name is Sean Preston and my Brother is Victor Torres. Together, we run Sean's Cleanest Carpets, an American owned and operated carpet cleaning company!

We Love hard work and came up with the Idea of a Carpet Cleaning Company because we think that the best boss to work for is ourselves. We pride ourselves on hard work and customer satisfaction, and we never leave a job until the customer is completely satisfied and the job is done %110!

We offer the following two Specials :

1) $19 Per Room with a $2 Chemical Surcharge per room [(that's only $21 dollars per room total NO HIDDEN FEES!!)].

2) $59 Per House with a $4 Chemical Surcharge Total [( that's for four rooms with each room 150 Sq. Ft2)] which totals $63 -- NO HIDDEN FEES!!

We will always tell you up-front our prices over the phone and they almost never change when we get to a house UNLESS the carpets are heavily soiled, then we have to use a few extra chemicals which costs a few extra dollars.

NOW if you're still reading by now.... call me!

We also use a buffer. We use the buffer when the job requires, which usually only requires a buffer when the carpets are so soiled that being sprayed with 300 PSI Soap Water and 2000 PSI Suction will not clean the carpet and it needs to be agitated by a brush that spins 150X per minute (a 17" brush). That extra buffer cost is only $15 for the entire house, which is very well priced, as are all of our prices.

We are American owned, operated and we love this country and the people who live in it. We try to keep our prices as low and competitive as possible so that you will love our work and continue to call us time and time again and tell all of your friends and family what a fantastic job and great customer service we provide at such an unbelievable price that you'll keep coming back for more and more!

Please, call me, we would love to take care of your home TODAY! I Promise you with all my heart we will do the best job possible and WE WONT STOP until you are satisified even if it takes us 10 hours we will stay that ten hours. We're just two really nice guys trying to make it in this world, one hours at a time making the people who live in it breathe better.

Sean's Cleanest Carpets
Sean Preston and Victor Torres
Kissimmee, Florida, 34741
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