Motorcycle Tires. Prices range from $50-$100

  • Motorcycle Repair $50.00

Do your tires look like this (first pic)? Tired of paying full price for a tire when you are only going to use 1/3 of the tread? I've got your solution. Road Race and Track Day take offs. These tires get very little wear in the center of the tread, the area of the tire we street riders wear out 90% , (or more some days), faster than the other two thirds. Many were only used for a couple of sessions, so are practically new.

These are top of the line tires that sell for $200+. Prices range from $50-$100. Also for you Drag Racers out there, I have Race take-off Slicks! I have the tires at my buddy's shop, so you can drop off your bike or wheels and have them mount and balance them. Call Steve or John!