Pooper Troopers animal waste removal. Lucas County

  • Garbage Removal $40.00

Attention Lucas County residents...... Pooper Troopers of Monroe County is extending our reaches into your area.... we have begun cleaning up Monroe one yard at a time and now it's your turn..... with spring hopefully here to stay, we want to help each and every one of you reclaim your front/back yards from the messes of your pups.

If you have 3 average sized dogs, a weekly clean up service will cost you $15 a week, but if you pay for the month upfront, we knock $5 off your bill what a bargain. Smile emoticon we also offer a one time clean up service for $40.

If you want to utilize your back yard, a clean back yard, all year around give the Troopers a call and let us do the dirty work.....