• Private Detective

Looking for a private investigator in the Dallas, TX area? If you are victim of a crime, fraud, infidelity or deception, or your in the middle of custody battle then you have reached the experts of uncovering the TRUTH. We understand your frustration with not being able to get concrete answers and we can help you.

Our Services
Poseidon Investigations provides a variety of investigative services. The following are some of the services we provide:

- Fraud Investigations – investigations of advance payment schemes, investment frauds, etc.
- Company / Corporate Investigations – employment fraud and theft investigations.
- Infidelity/Cheater Investigations investigations of suspected cheating husbands, wives and partners.
- Divorce & Custody Battle Investigations – divorce investigations, including custody battles.
- Background Checks and Investigations – background checks, for individuals and companies.
AND MORE! - we investigate almost everything!