Tree Cutting Services (All Seattle Area)

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Tony's Professional Tree Service

We can take care of that tree or a large branch at an affordable price, not only that, we will also clean up and haul away any unwanted wood and branches.
We perform landscaping light excavation logging and tree work as well as removing brush and saplings we also provide much more debris removal etc etc.

Is your home covered in mold and damp due to dense tree canopy? Lack of sunlight and air circulation results in wood rot and structure damage

Do you have a pool that does not see the sunlight as much as you would like resulting in a cold hard to maintain pool? By opening up your pool of tree canopy you reduce cost of debris, chemicals and aid in higher pool temperatures.

Is your yard in need of work to be restored to your once manicured property?
Do you have stone walls which are taken over by brush and trees?
Has your family out grown the size of your yard?

Give us a call and we will see how we can assist you.
Always free estimates residential and commercial.
Licensed Bonded and Insured.