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5 Cleaning Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Shot of a handsome young man cleaning his home

There are typically two types of people when it comes to cleaning: those who loathe it and those who find it almost therapeutic. A clean home is a happier home, but keeping your surroundings spotless all the time can become such a burden that you let chores often fall to the wayside. Rather than dreading every moment you have to wash a dish or scrub a toilet, why not adopt some of these cleaning hacks that will make keeping your place in order easy and possibly even fun?

Use a Lemon to Clean Your Faucets

Metal faucets can be polished to perfection with half a lemon. Just slice one up and start rubbing down the neck and handles; clean them off with a rag or paper towel and you’ll have a gleaming faucet. The lemons also leave a pleasant aroma that can be multiplied by grinding the leftover rind in the garbage disposal.

Run the Blender with Soap

A homemade smoothie is a great way to get your daily dose of vitamins, but washing the aftermath out of the blender is never a good time. To avoid having it spill into your dishwasher or having to wash it out by hand, just add some warm water to the blender with a squirt of dish soap and run it for 30 seconds. Dump the liquid down the drain, rinse your blender out and there you have it. Any bits of fruit or vegetables caught in the blades will be loosened, and you likely won’t even have to pick up the sponge to clean out any residue.

Disinfect and Polish Stainless Steel with Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol isn’t just good for killing germs; it also helps you clean your stainless-steel appliances. Fridges are especially prone to gathering unseemly fingerprints, so just add a bit of alcohol to a cleaning cloth and wipe them away. You’ll get a cleaner, sanitized surface that has no streaks or stains left behind. Rubbing alcohol can also help loosen dirt in sinks and add a nice gleam to hardware, like drawer handles, faucets and doorknobs. Wiping down areas that are frequently touched will not just improve the aesthetic of your home but also kill germs and make it safer in the process.

Use a Toothbrush to Clean Your Computer

Spraying your computer directly can cause hardware damage, so avoid ever applying cleaning products to it this way. Instead, grab an old toothbrush and dip it in some white vinegar before passing it over the keyboard. A hard-bristle brush is best as it will be able to pry any crumbs and dirt from the small spaces between keys while vinegar helps disinfect any bacteria that’s lurking in plain sight. You’d be surprised, or more likely horrified, at how much bacteria computers hold. Regularly wiping yours down with a disinfecting solution will prevent illness and keep your PC looking brand new.

Say Goodbye to Microwave Stains

When food explodes in the microwave, dealing with the messy aftermath can feel like preparing for battle. How long will you stand with a sopping wet sponge in hand, vigorously attempting to scrub away the hardened food to no avail? Make life easier by heating up a bowl or measuring cup of water for five minutes. In that time, the steam will loosen food that’s caked inside the microwave. You’ll be able to go in clean up afterward with a cloth or rag.

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