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Home Improvement Projects You Can Do with Your Kids


DIY projects are a great way to unwind and put your creativity to good use, but it can be hard working on home improvement projects with kids around. If you find yourself trying to squeeze in time to work on projects, consider choosing some that you can do with your children. These kid-friendly DIY project will give you time to bond with your children while building something together. They’ll also get to learn new skills along the way, which can make home improvement a unique element of your distance education program.

Create a Reading Nook

Books help children build empathy, use their imaginations and expand their vocabulary. It’s more important than ever for parents to give their kids a designated no-screens zone in the house. Although screens might be more convenient, children still need time offline and disconnected to physically interact with the world around them. Make your own beanbags or add covers to big, fluffy pillows before assembling your own book corner. The reading nook can have a wall-mounted shelf or anchored bookshelf, or you may opt to use wicker baskets instead. Let your little ones throw in their own touches as well, like some of their favorite stuffed animals or a poster of their favorite characters on the wall.

Hang a Whiteboard

Drawing on the wall doesn’t have to be forbidden if you hang you own whiteboard. The bigger it is, the more space kids will have to draw and practice their writing. This is another easy project that only takes a few minutes to assemble and costs under $50. You can also look for a magnetized board and buy some alphabet magnets to create word puzzles and leave silly messages to each other. For a larger project, you could go full-scale and buy some chalkboard wallpaper. This is one of the more expensive DIY projects as the price will vary based on the size of the wall you want to cover. Paying for an upgrade to your child’s room doesn’t have to cost a fortune, though. Private loans are a good way to finance a home improvement project while also building credit by using your card to make monthly payments.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Kids can wear a mask and help you paint a room, whether it’s the bathroom or one statement wall in your living room. Rather than hiring a contractor to do the work, you can save money and ensure things turn out exactly as you’d like by painting with the family. This activity is recommended for children 5 and up; toddlers won’t be able to sit still with a brush, and they’ll likely wind up trying to sample some of the paint rather than putting it on the wall. If you opt to paint together, allow little helpers to use paint rollers and cover larger spaces while you tackle any finer areas with a brush. Be sure to lay down floor coverings and apply tape to the baseboards before you start.

Plant a Garden

Get kids excited about healthy eating by planting your own vegetable garden. It’s not as difficult as you might think, and this process can help children learn about horticulture and plant biology as well as nutrition. They’ll gain greater appreciation for food when they grow it themselves, and there are plenty of interesting teaching moments that will spring up as you cultivate a family garden. Don’t have an outdoor space? No worries. Check out this guide to apartment gardening for beginners.

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