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Digital Marketing Trends for 2021


2020 was unpredictable as many brands dramatically transformed to digital marketing due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Though some saw this as a blockade, others have taken significant steps in reshaping elements of their company to connect with their consumers. E-commerce sales went through the roof as people spent a lot more time on social media, and video conferencing became the new norm. This has led to a major shift in the way brands connect with their consumers.

Retail landscapes have evolved as virtual platforms are replacing in-person experiences and campaigns to the new reality. We’ve seen more products and services move online and many employees will continue to work remotely.

Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing is a marketing strategy that uses the internet to promote products and services on modern technology devices such as computers, smartphones, and other digital media. People are increasingly using digital devices instead of visiting physical shops. Digital marketing campaigns include several strategies such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, e-commerce, influencer marketing, etc.

Five Digital Marketing Trends for 2021


Live Streams

Ever since countries have ordered people to stay home, consumers were unable to attend in-person events across the globe. Even social events were put on pause due to the pandemic. This led to a rise in the number of people switching to live streams, whether it was a meet and greet livestream, branded livestream, online workshop or a live video from their favorite celebrity. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram saw a huge spike in live viewings and there’s a good chance that this will continue to play out in 2021. Influencers have taken this opportunity to expand their platforms and promote their products. Some businesses have joined with influencers to showcase their products. What’s more, the live streams were shoppable, which meant viewers could make purchases while they were watching.

Smart Bidding

Automated bidding on Google Ads have been around for quite sometime and it’s easy to help your business grow. The process is simple, you put in your parameters such as volume and price and the machine does all the work for you. A new type of bidding has emerged that has been widely accepted by many marketers, Smart Bidding. Initial smart bidding was plagued with many problems like reduced audience targeting and minimal budget control. As Google improves Smart Bidding and refines the algorithm, it will become an increasingly popular option for digital marketers this coming year. Instead of needing to carefully curate each and every ad placement, you can simply let Google’s cutting-edge AI do all of the heavy lifting for you.


The Black Lives Matter movement has been the biggest focus in 2020 and the significance of inclusivity has made its place in today’s day and age. Younger audiences and marginalized groups want to see a more depiction of equality in the content they consume and the brands they purchase from. This year, digital marketing must include subject matters and media that covers a variety of races, religions, sexualities, etc as well as representation for people with physical disabilities and learning disabilities. Brands that are seen to be non-inclusive are likely to see some impacts in 2021. While those who are, will reap the benefits and drive deeper connections with their buyers. This includes the content for your videos and images, but also the topics you discuss in social media and blogs, or even the line of products you offer.

Visual and Voice Search

Users have been consuming voice activated technologies such as Alexa to do a variety of things. Voice search is not a part of Google’s algorithm yet but it still dictates search results. In order to be found by tools like Alexa, your content must be specifically optimized for voice. It needs to be more direct and conversational so that it will accurately sync with search queries. For SEO, it is a great idea for businesses as it will help boost traffic by staying up-to-date, relevant and visible to customers.

Another creative search method that can make a huge impact in 2021 is visual search. Tools like Google Lens enable consumers to search for whatever they can see. This means marketers will need to focus on image alt-text and sitemaps for images. As this continues, visual search will be crucial in the SEO game.

Interactive Content

This has been around for a while but it has now been recognized as a SEO practice. This trend allows users to answer for themselves or have their opinion heard. It creates a more personal connection between them and the brand. Interactive content usually includes quizzes, surveys, contests, giveaways, polls and so much more. Not only does it increase engagement with consumers but also improves users enjoyment. People love to be heard and the more you engage, the more trustworthy your site can become. The increase in engagement will have a great impact on your website as it will help your website rankings on searches and feeds. Don’t forget, that it can also be used to collect data on user preferences, such as for product or site improvements.

Digital marketing has been going on for quite sometime now. With people having easy access to the internet, their first source of information is searching their needs on search engines. Top quality video content has been shaping marketing strategies out there. YouTube, TikTok and other embedded ads and videos have emerged as the new medium for content. The beauty of video content is that there’s an appetite for every form of video content out there, short, long, live action, animated, informative, and so much more. All you need to do is create content that accurately reflects your brand, and there’ll be an audience for it.

Every year the industry is growing in multiple folds, and with new developments it is essential to stay ahead of the curve amongst your competitors.

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