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DIY pallet coffee table


Furniture doesn’t have to be quite expensive in order to look good and unique. In fact, if you employ your creative side and carry out a simple DIY project, you’ll be able to renovate and transform old furnishing pieces and make them fit your modern house. Or, you may even create completely new items (like coffee table, chair, outdoor swing, kitchen island) out of used furniture or simplest wooden and fabric materials.

If you’re a fan of farm house, beach house, industrial and rustic styles of home interior, you might like the look of pallet furniture.

Either aimed at the outdoor or indoor use, it looks quite simple, clean, yet really elegant and natural

It may fit practically all traditional houses and backyards, as well as introduce an unusual hint to modern designs.

And, it’s just crazy how simple it is to make. Besides, as in most cases DIY pallet furniture projects involve the use of discarded materials, their cost is quite low.

Moreover, you don’t need to be a bearded handyman in order to build yourself a pallet bench, coffee table, poolside couch or something like that.

You just need to find necessary materials and follow clear instructions.

So, if you’ve been hunting for a new coffee table for your living room or patio, just pick one of the designs and follow the guide below to make it yourself.

How to build a DIY pallet coffee table in 15 steps

  1. Pick one of the pallet coffee table designs. 1001Pallets.com has a lot of versions to pick out from. We’ll show you how to make one of the many options, but you may apply this guideline to make a different one as well.
  2. Find all tools and materials this particular industrial looking coffee table DIY requires. 1 large or 2 medium (120sm×80sm) wooden pallets; wood glue; 4 black hinges, 3” casters, screws for them and a glass top (optional, but adds to the table’s industrial motive); wood stain, clear top coat is everything you need material-wise. When it comes to tools, you’ll have to get/borrow a painting brushes, a handsaw or a jig saw, a hammer, electric screwdriver, clamps, sanding paper/pad, working gloves and something to cover up the DIY zone.
  3. You might also need to replace missing nails with new ones in order to ensure sturdiness to your future coffee table.
  4. Then, if your pallet is too big, you’ll need to use your jig saw to cut it in half. A jig saw or a sawzall will ensure clear and even cut. If you don’t have those you may ask a local handymen (find one on HireRush.com) to do that part of the task or borrow an electric saw tool from him.
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  5. Treat the surface of pallet wood with sander to make sure that it’s even and smooth.
  6. When you have your two pallet details for your future coffee table all clean and ready, you need to apply glue to the bottom side of the one of the pallets and place the other one on top of it.
  7. Make sure that their edges meet perfectly and use clamps to secure them tightly together.
  8. (Optional) If you want your coffee table to feature a shelve for books and magazines, you might want to find eight 4-5’’ long 4×4 wood blocks and glue them to both pallets using the same technique.
  9. Leave your table to dry for as long as the glue’s instructions require.
  10. Once the glue is completely dry, you may attach hinges to it the way that it looks like they keep those two pallets together. Recycled ones will complete this semi-rustic design the best.
  11. Turn your table the way that its bottom side faces up and attach rolling wheels to it.
  12. You’re almost crossing the finish line at this point. Now, you just need to stain your brand new pallet coffee table, wait for it to dry and coat it with clear protective finish.

And, that’s pretty much it! New and modern pallet coffee table made out of recycled materials is ready to adorn your living room or complete your patio furniture set.

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