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Guide to becoming a florist


Getting a job of florist is an awesome way to combine one’s sense of beauty with the opportunity to turn a useful penny. If you have a keen interest in flower design and arrangement and want to try floristry, read our article on.

Almost all kinds of work connecting with flowers may often seem romantic and beautiful. And in fact, it really is.

Yet, this job requires more than just a stake. To become a florist you should have a bundle of knowledge, specific personal traits necessary for interpersonal communication, patience and readiness to do a dirty work.

First and foremost, let’s find out what do florists particularly do. As it was already mentioned, their overarching goal is to introduce beauty in our trivial life.

Throughout the centuries flowers symbolized emotions and accompanied different kinds of events. Nowadays, the role of floral designers has grown, as floristry can easily turn from the simple hobby to the lucrative business.

The day-to-day activity of people representing this profession involves assembling flowers into bouquets and wrenches, decorating presents or card with flowers, employing design creativity, offering the product to customers and consulting them etc.

The other side of the story is cleaning and taking care of flowers. Much time is always dedicated to keeping them fresh, odoriferous and well-looking, as well as watering, cutting and conditioning.

Be ready to extra working hours, long shifts and early get-ups. Mind that you will spend most time on your feet. Remember about busy time in holidays and weekends.

Speaking about the wage, it’s necessary to say that as usual, not all floral designers have high salary. Novices normally need some time to practice and extend their business.

But who said you can’t be the exception? Social media multiplied on your strong intention and keen interest can take you to the top very soon.

In short, the florist business is a mixture of art and hard everyday work. So, you should think twice before getting this job.

Though, if you clenched to join the florist industry, get some useful tips on how to do it.

Tips you should mind to become a florist

  • Find out more

If you feel like getting the job of florist, you should dig for some additional information. A decent background will enable you to increase your market compatibility and contribute to professional growth.

Besides, as a person who made up the mind to work with flowers, you will get pleasure of taking some interesting ideas into your consideration and broadening your outlook.

For this purpose, try to educate as much as you can. Read books, surf the Internet, talk to experienced floral designers. The more sources of information you worked on, the more creativity you will unleash in future.

University degree is good, but not absolutely necessary. Otherwise, think of attending courses and taking classes.

You can also join local florist communities. Along with that, don’t forget to attain working experience.

  • Bedside approach

Practice is always an inalienable component in the process of mastering any new activity. Floristry works on the same principles.

To become a member of stepped-up florist community you have to set and improve relations with experts in this area. Due to strong connections with your colleagues, you will be able to develop your business and get noticed by the top-ranked specialists and customers.

What’s more, knowledge without practice means nothing. Only in such way you can get true-life skills and submerge into the industry.

That’s why go and get some working experience. You will test yourself and see what the real job is about.

Consider volunteering or part-time job in retail stores. The best way to become a florist is a floristry apprenticeship.

It will give you the opportunity to adopt the best practices that experienced florists can share with you.

To guarantee further advancement you can get a certification or take online courses. Then, you can become a shop owner.

  • Focus on personal qualities

The work of florist is closely connected to serving the consumers. Thus, you should pay attention to some of your personality traits to ensure the advancement.

Your duties will include helping people to choose the appropriate flowers, combine them to create beautiful bouquets, dealing with suppliers and interacting with industry peers.

In addition, you will need to be a pleasant person and a good manager. All this contacts are inevitable so, you should better think ahead on your communicational skills.

Be kind, passionate, friendly and ready to help people. Get to know more about properties of different plants and flowers. Develop your practical skills and manual dexterity.

Furthermore, always work on your creativeness. Draw sketches, visualize and boost your imagination.

  • Set up your business

After you realized all pros and cons of the industry, tested yourself as an employer and got the necessary experience, step forward. HireRush.com recommends you to start your own business.

If you think you’re ready for self-employment, you should understand that some additional skills will be needed to conduct the affairs. But at the same time you will increase your earnings.

Begin with looking for the suitable premises. As the industry relates to the retailing, try to locate it in busy streets and places.

You will have to foresee spending that cover rent, fixture, delivery, employee’s wages, utility etc. Make a business plan that will be a road map for you.

It’s important to constantly develop yourself and your business. For example, always monitor your rivals and introduce working ideas.

It’s not a big deal if you even imitate some techniques at the start. Examine the market and learn what made the big companies so successful.

Keeping all this in mind, don’t be afraid of creating your own style. Even with faux flowers you will be able to make a masterpiece if you put heart into the work.

Always try to go beyond the stereotypes. Think of some great projects or new approaches.

So, don’t bother if you start small. Be sure you’re just taking off.

  • Make use of social media

It’s not a secret that marketing means a lot in creating a successful business. It’s necessary to allow more people get know about you.

Using social media would be a clever solution. Today, the majority of businesses are introduced in them.

Create pages and describe what you can do. Make more photos of your arrangements and designs. Provide the ability to make online delivery orders.

Alternatively, you can create a floral designer profile and take the task that someone leaves. You will be informed immediately.Create a profile now

Don’t underestimate the significance of the Internet. Not only your friends and relatives will become your customers, but also other people may be interested.

People always have holidays, events and different special occasions. Just let them know about you and they will find you themselves.

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