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Kids and plants: most dangerous flowers for a baby shower

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What can be more exciting than expecting a baby? Probably, only a baby shower, which is a celebration of this marvelous moment. It is very common in the US to throw baby shower parties for expecting mothers. This is the time when people praise the unborn baby and give him or her presents. Traditionally, women expect to receive flowers for any kind of celebration. And in this case, baby shower is not an exception.
But how can you be sure that the impeccable bouquet you’ve bought consists of “good” flowers that won’t harm neither the mother, nor the child? What dangerous flowers should be avoided as a gift for such occasions?

We consulted several florists and found out what plants and flowers are safe for children and expecting women, and which dangerous flowers should be avoided at all costs. Read the most common kinds below and choose your present wisely.

5 dangerous flowers for baby showers

  1. Peace Lily

    This flower is not actually a lily, even though its name says the opposite. Peace lily, as it’s mostly called, has a more scientific name – Spathiphyllum. Mauna Loa is the most common representative of the Peace Lily type. It has beautiful glossy leaves and amazing white flowers. Because of the white color that predominates among Peace Lilies, it is frequently chosen as a present for all sorts of occasions.

    Even though you can frequently see these plants in houses, Peace Lilies are dangerous flowers for expecting women. As florists explain if ingested by a human this flower can cause painful symptoms and sometimes even death. As a mother-to-be will soon have a baby who is curious to try everything around, it is highly advised to withhold this flower from your present list.
    peace lily

  2. Classy Lilies

    Classy lilies also look amazing in bouquets. They are large and are frequently associated with purity, which makes them perfect candidates for baby shower bouquets. The important fact about lilies is that not all of them are toxic and dangerous flowers. However, as most of us are not florists and can’t differentiate between harmful and harmless plants, it is advised to avoid putting any kids of lilies inside houses. Furthermore, the smell of lilies can cause headaches and migraines which definitely won’t help a young mother.

  3. Wisterias

    Wisterias are very often used by florists to create breathtaking floral compositions. While they can be used for some official red carpet events, they are not suitable for places with small kids. Wisterias, if ingested, will cause serious diarrhea and painful stomach aches; some people also demonstrate vomiting as a symptom of wisteria poisoning. If you don’t want a baby shower party to turn into a disaster, exclude these amazing yet dangerous flowers from your bouquet.

  4. Daffodils

    A lot of women adore daffodils for their light scent and fresh appearance. While these flowers do add some life and freshness to any space, florists advise avoiding them for pregnant women and families with small kids. The bulbs create this magical appearance for each flower, yet exactly this part is the most poisonous in these so-called friendly flowers. If your small child tries to taste this bulb or you accidentally inhale some of the pollen, then both of you may suffer from tremors, diarrhea, vomiting, and even cardiac arrhythmia. Don’t turn your friend’s baby shower into a horror party, don’t buy daffodils!

  5. Mistletoes

    You should know that mistletoes are actually parasitic plants. Some doctors say that ingestion of a mistletoe may cause death, yet this issue remains debatable in the scientific world. However, there is no secret that mistletoes will cause serious digestive problems and slowed heartbeat should you try eating it. Some people even report having hallucinations after tasting this plant.

    Mistletoes are common dangerous plants on Christmas Eve and all kinds of celebrations that happen around this time. Yet, we strongly recommend avoiding this plant at all costs if you’re going into the home of an expecting woman or a family with babies.

Besides these common dangerous flowers and plants, it is highly advised to avoid bringing in any plans that may cause allergies. You never know whether your friend has any kind of pollen allergy, so here is a list of dangerous flowers and plants for allergy sufferers:

  • amaranth (pigweed)
  • chamomile
  • chrysanthemums
  • cypress
  • goldenrod
  • daisies
  • jasmine vine
  • juniper
  • sunflowers

The question that now can be interesting to you is what you can bring to a baby shower? Well, the easiest answer is all the rest. Other plants and flowers are not dangerous for most people and won’t pose any harm for kids either. However, sometime people have individual intolerance to particular not dangerous flowers that cannot be predicted. But even in such situations there are flowers that can be brought into a house. Below you can find five allergy- and danger-free flowers to include into any festive bouquet.

  1. Roses

    Maybe because roses are absolutely non-dangerous flowers, they have become so popular around the world.

  2. Tulips

    Just like roses, tulips have won women’s hearts long ago. After the Tulip mania in Holland back in the 17th century, this flower became the symbol of youth and love.

  3. Hydrangea

    These flowers are very much adored by homeowners because they can re-bloom throughout the spring and summer. If you don’t want your flower bouquet to fade away fast, then buy hydrangea in a pot so that your friend could admire it for a long time!

  4. Peonies

    Even though these beauties are not so popular in the US, you can stand out of the crowd by bringing a bouquet of pink peonies. These flowers have amazing light scent that would not influence anyone’s well-being.

  5. Orchids

    For spring and summer baby showers there is no better flower for a present than an orchid! Buy this plant in a pot to let your friend enjoy its amazing bloom for many upcoming years.

To sum up, you’ve learned about most common dangerous flowers which under no circumstances should be regarded as a baby shower present. At the same time now you know five perfect kinds of flowers that would not make any harm neither to the mother, nor to the baby or child. And, finally, now you can create a danger-free bouquet for your friend or easily call a flower delivery service to ensure that your friend gets the freshest flowers on a special day even if you can’t be present personally.

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