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How to make your nails grow faster

long natural nails

Can you count how many times you tried to grow out your natural, long and healthy nails? I bet you’ll just say ‘too many’. But can you actually remember what you did to make them grow out faster, longer and stronger except for not cutting/filing them?

The thing is that for most people, letting your nails just grow without taking special care of them and ‘supporting’ their growth is not enough to end up with longer nails.Sometimes you even can’t reach the point when the free edge of your nails is just a couple of millimeters long.

However, the most devastating thing that may happen to someone who managed to grow out his nails even just a little bit is one nail breaking right at its base. That’s when you have to trim all of them and start from the very beginning.

Fortunately, there’re a couple of easy, yet really effective tricks and hacks you may use to grow out your nails fast, make them a lot healthier and prevent them from breaking. And I’m going to share a few of them with you.

7 tips that will help you make your nails grow faster

  1. You need to remember that fingernails may lack moisture just like our skin, especially during colder seasons. Washing your hands quite often will make them even drier.
    That’s why you should try to moisturize your hands and nails after every single hand wash.
    If you can’t do that, make sure to use high-quality hand cream at least several times a day to keep your nails from cracking and splitting.woman moisturizing her hands and nails to make them grow faster
  2. Things we eat affect our bodies, as well as the speed our hair and nails grow.
    A healthy lifestyle, balanced, protein-rich diet and vitamin intake will make your nails a lot stronger and increase their growing speed.
    Some nutritional supplements and vitamins (like vitamin E, biotin and fish oil) are proven to help with growing out our nails and hair.
    However, you should consult with your nutritionist and doctor before taking them.foods that make nails grow faster
  3. Make sure to file your nails regularly even when you’re trying to grow them out.
    When the edges of your nails are nice and even, they won’t break as much.
    Stick to glass, crystal files or emery boards to file natural nails, as metal files tend to damage them and cause nail peeling.
    File your nails on the front and on both sides. Start filing with the rough grid side of the emery board and finish with the fine one to ensure smooth and even result.
    Remember that round-shaped nails are less prone to breaking.steps to file natural nails
  4. Soaking your nails in a bowl with pure vinegar, as well as in a bowl with warm water and sea salt mix will make them a lot stronger.soaking nails in bowl with vinegar to make them grow faster
  5. Extra protection helps to keep your nails grow longer and faster. Keep your nails coated with clear nail polish for that matter.
    Consider purchasing nail oils and rub them into your nails concentrating on the roots every day or every other day. You may prepare your own DIY nail growth oil at home.
    For instance, a mixture of 3 drops geranium, 3 drops lavender, 2 drops lemon essential oils and 4 tablespoons of jojoba oil rubbed onto cuticles and nails at bedtime will make your nails grow fast, as well as strengthen their structure.nail growth oil recipe and applying clear nail polish
  6. If you like painting your nails, find a nice base coat that serves as moisturizing and nourishing treatment at the same time.
    Apply it onto your nails consistently before painting them and you’ll see positive growth results in a couple of weeks or so.base coat to make your nails grow better
  7. Stop peeling your nail polish or fake nails off!!! You find that satisfying, I find that satisfying, pretty much everybody finds that satisfying. Except for the nails.
    When you peel your nail polish (and especially gel nails) instead of removing them how you’re supposed to, you disrupt their top layer, literally tear them up.
    Consequently, your nails look gross and unhealthy. They start peeling, splitting and breaking.peeled nail polish runied nails
    Stick to nail polish remover, but not your own nails or teeth, while removing your color.
    Go to HireRush.com and find a nail pro to take your gel nails off or learn a proper DIY gel polish removing technique to be able to remove your gel nails at home without ruining your natural nails.
    As when gel polish is applied and removed professionally, it may even promote the fast growth of your nails by providing extra strength and protection to them.

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