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Servicing: Sunnyvale, CA Redwood City, CA
Rat Control
Pest Control


A-one stop Rodent solutions and all
Other - squirrels, opossums, raccoons.
Best work, best price! 20yrs exp.

Exclution to all entry points in your home or business from roof top
To under your house crawl hispace to your attic and all air vent entries, where most rats and mice, squirrels
Make there entry points and many othere places.
Pick UPS Sanitations services.
Insulation Removal and installation.
General contruction and roof repairs.
Pics and recomendations at your request. ECKO QUALITY INSULATION
Attic cleaning and sanitation .we use wire cemnt, so rodents cant eat.

At the best price. Please call Tiburcio (tibo) Ramirez.

On work done.
Talk to you when you are ready
Thank you. Sleep nice with no mice.

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