An Awesome Wedding Day Videographer - Memory Maker! Aerial Videography

  • Wedding Videography $1195.00

We do WEDDINGS and EVENTS videography and we'd would love to participate in yours!

Below are some common/popular services pricing options, with more detail on my site. Some of my distinguishing perks are: affordable crews with male/female shooters, extended-length and highly-engaging day's highlights video editing, high-resolution shooting, aerial/drone options, and more!

If you can provide more info on location/venue and videography hours you'd like to cover, I can followup with a specific, detailed quote for you.

A popular arrangement that works well for many couples is:
$1495 - 6 hrs coverage of prep/ceremony/reception - 2 shooters for prep/photos/ceremony time (I usually shoot with 3-4 HDcams as well - some on tripod)
* 2 full length video edits of ceremony and speeches/dances - and 1 (cool) edit of the day highlights video (like my site samples - around 5-6 min length)
* Free Online HD download/iphone deliveries and viewing
* Editing time is about 2-3 wks after wedding day (full ceremony/speeches will be done within a few days usually, highlights in a couple weeks)
* I have additional options for drone aerial video, 4K hi-rez video (4X HD video), cinematic equipment, lighting, etc . . . if desired
* BDs (BluRay discs) are avail for additional authoring fees, around $395

Other coverage/pricing options:
$1195 - 3 hrs coverage (primarily ceremony only, 1 shooter/2 hdcams, basic edits of full ceremony)
$1795 - 8 hrs coverage (same features as above, extended prep-time coverage, 2 shooters, extended highlights video)
$1995 - 10 hrs coverage (same features as above, extended day/evening/travel coverage, 2 shooters full-day, male/female pref)

If you need more or less coverage time, or other budget considerations, let me know and I'll advise some options. Hope to hear back from you soon. Call if you have any questions! :)