AUDIOthat! Rent Us & Save! Basic Price.. With DJ $245

  • Party Equipment Rental $245.00

Rent Me & Audio system For an EVENT! Affordable $245

I've been in audio for over 20 yrs.
I've have a great small LOUD System for you to rent. All you have to do is call
and set up an appointment. Hurry events are huge during the summer months.
My music ranges is almost endless. I have 50s through now, on Country, Classic Rock, R&B, Rap.
Or just bring me yours and I'll play it. Sorry I have no lights at this point of time. I love to
run and listen to music. So I thought this is a great way to do what I love. And meet new
people. List below is what I'm renting. Don't underestimate it! Its Plenty LOUD & Clear!

Equipment Rental Packages: $245.00

1X Peavey Q215FX - 15Band EQ + FLS
1X audio-technica - free way 600 Series Wireless Mic Unit 1X HandHeld
1X ELEMENT 200wtt Amp. 2CH. Runs Horns Only
1X CROWN XTi1000 2CH. Runs The Rest Of Listed Speakers
2X BFI - Jensen 15s - 2-Way ( Horn Runs off Element Amp. )
4X Technics SB-CR77 - 3-Way Speaker
2X Technics SB-2665 - 3-Way Speaker

Lets Get that EVENT scheduled!
So Call today and set up with Jon