Bankruptcy? Relax. I got this. All for about $900

  • Bankruptcy Lawyers $900.00

Flat fee chapter 7 bankruptcy $900
I charge most clients a flat fee of $900. I charge a little bit more if you own a business or owe back taxes or if you're considered an above-median debtor.
Ready to file, but need a payment plan

If you don't have the $900 right now, don't worry; I'll work with you. Just bring a down payment of at least $100 and I'll get you started.

What's a chapter 7
A chapter 7 usually works by getting rid of all your debt (except things like student loans, child support, etc.) in about 90 days. There's no monthly payments. (That's what you would do in a chapter 13.) And the whole process is over in about 90 days.

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Choosing a lawyer is an important decision. Don't make that decision based only on advertisements. Also, my law firm is a designated relief agency under federal law providing legal assistance to consumers who want help under the bankruptcy code.