BEST DJ FOR HIRE! (Dj Optimus)

  • DJ & MC $200.00

$200 a night or $50 per hr *custom events

Over 15 crediable years in the music industry and over 10,000 songs. Well known reputation in the community for his unique sounds (scratching), and mixing capability to blend any genre. "I specialize in (hip-hop, R&B, new & old school, house, reggae and todays popular hits). I don't just come play music... I can bring the party!"

- Four 15in speakers
- Lasers
- Fog machines
- Strobe lights
- Black lights
- Sirens
- Beacons... and more
- Can even provide professional security.
*Stages, halls, weddings, banquets, in/out-door events, kid parties, etc...