• Housekeeping

As the reigning Queen ( or King ) life can be chaotic and sometimes even a little sticky! When stuff isn't so sweet you're going to need the strongest helper to get things flowing again and that's when I come buzzing along..........

My name is Brittany and I created Busy B Housekeeping as a local service to help provide a better quality of life in a variety of sweet ways! From simple housekeeping to pet care and grocery delivery, I am here to help! The best part is everything is totally customizable, so you can put together whatever works for you. Currently servicing South Florida (Dade, Broward, Palm Beach)


Services Offerred:
*Pricing depends on the condition and size of the space.
-Maintenance Cleaning
-Spring Cleaning ( considered a deep or heavy clean )
-Organization ( closets, pantries, garage, etc. )
-Move-ins & Move-outs
-Events ( pre-party clean & set up / post-party clean-up )
-Offices or Commercial Spaces
-One Time Service or Weekly & Monthly Contracts

*Virtually any docile animal: dogs, cats, fish & reptiles, bunnies & ferrets, birds, etc.
-Dog walking
-Pet Sitting ( short and long term )
-Pet Errands ( taking to groomer or vet )

*Simply send me off with a list of items to any & all of your favorite stores. When you get home you can relax and enjoy that ice-cream you were craving at work OR put on those brand new shoes with your freshly dry cleaned ensemble!

-Grocery Delivery
-Dry Cleaning & Laundry
-Food Delivery ( take-out from your favorite restaurant )
-Limited Edition Shopping ( i'll stand in that long line to get the newest limited item just for you )

*Medically trained (but not certified) as a CNA. These services are a little limited at this time, however I am open to suggestions and am working hard to expand them!
-Pick-Up & Drop-Off ( school, daycare, sports, doctor )
-Nanny or Babysitting ( infants to big kids, no age limits )

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any inquiries or to set up an estimate!