Dr. Data - Disaster Recovery, Virus Removal, Backup/Restore, and More!

  • Virus Removal $50.00


I am the revered Dr. Data. I have the better part of a decade in experience with home and office computers/devices. I am an expert with Windows and Android, and have sufficient experience with Mac/iOS/OSX/Linux/Ubuntu. I also have experience with RAID systems, Cyber Security, Forensics, Diagnostics, Installation/Upgrades, etc.

Whether you suspect you have a virus, or have no shred of doubt; whether you have direct access to your files, or can't get your PC to even boot; I can get your files back and your computer running in No Time!*

I offer Disaster Recovery that will take your computer from Systemic Infection to a Clean Bill of Health, as well as putting in place the measures to prevent reinfection and future data loss.

I offer free estimates, in-home care, and prompt/courteous service.
The final estimate will include parts/labor, however the prices below are for my services alone;

Disaster Recovery - $100
- This includes Reformat, Hard Disk Diagnostics, Data Recovery, Partition Management, Backup/Restore systems, Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware/Anti-Spyware, and free Consultation and Labor Warranty for a year**.

DisRec Lite - $50
-This includes Reformat, Hard Disk Diagnostics, Data Recovery, and Partition Management. Labor Warranty for 6 months**.

OS Swap - $30
-I will upgrade you from one OS to another, or can provide Dual-Boot functionality. A full, licensed copy of the OS is required (can be provided), and upgrades to your HDD (Hard Drive) may be required. OS' included are Windows (XP/7/8/10), Linux/Ubuntu, or OSX.

Hardware Swap - $20
- I will install, replace, or upgrade your components. Includes printers, WiFi routers, PC components, etc. Does not cover Android/iPhone/Windows Phone(s).

Misc. Hourly - $10/hr
- If you need something specific, such as consultation or a service not mentioned but within my grasp, my base rate is $10/hr, to be tracked by both parties.

Home Visit - $5 for gas
- The above rates are reflective of the time required to complete them. While I would love to spend 10 hours in your home for a Disaster Recovery, it is not always feasible. You are welcome to drop your unit off with me, and pick it up on completion if you so desire.

I have a very flexible schedule, but cannot make any guarantees in that regard.
Prices are pretty firm, but I will entertain negotiation. Please have a good reason handy. I reserve the right to deny service for any reason.

All attempts to contact me should be via Call!

Thank you for your consideration, my condolences for the issue which brought you here!
May we find your solution together,
Dr. Data