• Housekeeping

Tengo experiencia en limpiar casas. Cuento con mi propio equipo de trabajo. Tengo horario disponible de 8 A.M a 6 P.M. de Lunes a Sabado. El precio varia dependiendo de la dimesion de las casas o apartamentos. Limpio casas a fondo con detalle, limpio ventanas, sacudo muebles, barro, y trapeo. Llama Angelica.

I have plenty of experience cleaning houses in the Rio Grande Valley. You can count on me bringing my own work equipment including the cleaning chemicals, broom, mop, etc. I have available hours from 8 A.M to 6 P.M from Monday through Saturday. The Price varies depending on the dimension of the house or apartmentos (how many rooms, kitchens, living rooms, etc). I do detail cleaning from windows to dusting off furniture.

Call to make an appointment with advanced time to Angelica.