• Housekeeping

Experienced from J.W MARRIOTT HOTEL
Here are the areas I will cover
Vacuums, washes dishes, sweeps floors, launders clothes, cleans and scrubs counters, and dusts surfaces.


Clean houses with a variety of chemicals, disinfectants,
Vacuum hardwood floors and carpet.
Clean toilets with toilet brush and chemicals.
Wash soiled clothes and linens.
Place fresh linens on bed.
Wash, fold, and stock towels.
Scrub stains, mold, and mildew from surfaces.
Empty wastebaskets and take out trash.
Wash dishes and put dishes away in cupboards.
Clean upholstered furniture and drapes.
Dust tables, wood surfaces, and shelves.
Dust window sil
Wipe down appliances.
Mop floors.
Wash baseboards, walls, and ceilings.
Turn mattresses, plump pillows, and change cushions.

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