• Party Entertainment $100.00

Put yourself in the spotlight!
Lone Star Karaoke gives you full access to the music of your choice. Grab the mic and sing your heart out for your friends, family, and guests and, if they're good enough, you can even let them join in!

My Song List is updated monthly so be sure to check back often.
Available for private parties of ALL kinds:
* Weddings * Birthdays * Graduations * Reunions *
* Conventions * Business Functions *Fundraisers * More *
Now featuring two wireless microphones

2 hours of karaoke $100.00/Lighting$150.00
3 hours of karaoke $200.00/Lighting$250.00
4 hours of karaoke $300.00/Lighting$350.00
5 hours of karaoke $400.00/Lighting$450.00
6 hours of karaoke $500.00/Lighting$550.00
3 hours of karaoke followed by a George Strait tribute show $400.00
Karaoke rental $200.00 for full package 24 hours/Lighting$250.00

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